THE 420NURSES BOUTIQUE – A REVIEW decided to pay a visit to the newly opened Canoga Park boutique whose motto is, “after the weed, we’re all you need” and see if this tag line was the real deal or click bait.

Located at 7029 Topanga Cyn Blvd, just off Sherman Way, the feel of the store is modern day head shop, done the SFV way. For those who don’t know the term head shop, here is the back story.

Though around during the jazz and beatnik eras, pot was the anti-war social recreation choice, and so burst on the scene with the Vietnam War. Almost overnight, small shops that carried all manner of pipe regalia, papers, screens and other accessories for pot smokers opened up. The modern day smoke shops are a decendent of the head shop. Except, a real head shop had more than just an assortment of supplies plus accessories, they had gadgets, with various and sundry gear or whatnot. Head shops were like a stoner’s attic except neatly arranged.

Now patients, stoners, and novice to the cannabis culture can do a one stop shop once they have secured their style of cannabis choice, be it flower, wax, hash oil, shatter, crumble, or budder. You can even find a good book to read for the quiet, spacey moments.

Introducing the 420Nurses Boutique at 7029 Topanga Cyn Blvd., a full service apparel, smoking accessories, lingerie, CBD, vape, novelty, festival wear & more, place to shop. Of course they have glass, but here at the boutique you can find something in your price range quickly, allowing you to peruse more efficiently.

And glass accessories.

Smoking aids

Appropriate tee shirts


CBD products of all kinds

Cold drinks

Hot 420Nursess apparel, including some items hot off the drawing board

And more…

There is always knowledgeable staff on hand, and sometimes the head 420Nurse herself [did you see her in an earlier shot???]

Tell ’em The Fonz sent you (someone may have seen the show Happy Days on Netflix).

The 420Nurses Boutique, 7029 Topanga Cyn Blvd, just west of the Sherman Way intersection on Topanga Cyn Blvd, Canoga Park, CA. Also on Instagram @420nursesboutique.

Review – If you have the weed, they are all you need. –

PT Rothschild

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