Recently, an article written by fellow E420.com journalist, Summer Rain, asked a very important question concerning dabs and dab ingredients, primarily the addition of terpenes to extracts. To today’s dabbing/710 demo, this is an important question.


Luckily there is a magical logic to cannabis that is increasingly hard to deny. Tis said that Divine Intervention is the Mother to cannabis, so it shouldn’t be too surprising that as Summer prepared her article concerning the patient dabber market, Dr. Alana Sills, the Cannabis Whisperer, was commencing on a return visit to the fast sticks of suburbia that I call home.


The topic for this smaller indoor conference room meeting, ‘The Newest Advances In CBD Medicine and Natural Healing‘ was the encore to September’s Health Expo event because that event had generated a blow-back of interest. Unlike the majority of E420.com readers, the health expo was a holistic event targeted for people your mom’s and grandma’s age group.


These people are on the other end of the cannabis spectrum. They are now beginning to awaken to the healing cannabis magic that you readers already know. However, they are targets of disinformation about Prop 64 just like anyone else in California [see the latest Democratic mailer that came to your door from Mailing Pros Inc.]. And that was the original purpose of my visit to cover the Expo.

Terpenes are a brand new element of education concerning cannabis. As cannabis patients, we must always be wary of government or university tests that back the Establishment posture, ie., pot is bad. That line of reasoning isn’t supported since smoking pot [in hemp papers] does not give a person lung cancer like smoking cigarettes does [proven in studies].

When the Q&A portion started, I waited my turn as there was a wealth of answered question info concerning cannabis, not marijuana.

Q: Does heat damage terpenes?

A: Yes. The hottest temperature allowable would be 180 degrees when added to the dabbing rig. Even at that temperature, the medical benefit would be greatly reduced.

Q: Seeing my question misinterpreted in application, I restated it. What about when adding terpenes to the extract itself, as an ingredient in the mix?

A: [I don’t advise it because] one is forming carcinogens every time [it’s] heated over 180 degrees regardless of when it’s added. Also many companies are using synthetic terpenes which do not embody high vibrational medicine. Again the ‘high’ comes from toxins.

Q: Reflecting back on the terpenes used in Summer’s report that beta-carotene terpenes were used, my question was, are cannabis terpenes different than other fruit and vegetable terpenes?

A: Yes


It must also be noted that “the process the scientists used was not the same as an extraction artist in Colorado or California. The researchers combined beta-carotene with the smoke of a cannabis flower, quite different from combining it with a cannabis extract.”

An appointment to further clarify this timely topic is forthcoming. Until then, keep it sticky.

PT Rothschild

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