• How to Make Blood Orange Wonuts

    How to Make Blood Orange Wonuts1

    These blood orange weed shaped waffle donuts are to die for. They’re fresh, fruity, and well worth the effort. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, social-distancing orders aside, opting to stay in on February 14 does have its perks, after all. Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day 2021 is most likely not going to include dinner reservations at

  • How to make Medicated Stuffed Mushrooms

    How to make Medicated Stuffed Mushrooms0

    In my last ‘How to make’ recipe, I explained the ins and outs of Cannaoil, and previously Cannabuttter. I plan to feature more posts with how to medicate certain ingredients, to kick off recipes but Id also like to start posting some of my favorite munchie food, or meal recipes and how to medicate them.