• How to Make Blood Orange Wonuts

    How to Make Blood Orange Wonuts1

    These blood orange weed shaped waffle donuts are to die for. They’re fresh, fruity, and well worth the effort. It’s almost Valentine’s Day, social-distancing orders aside, opting to stay in on February 14 does have its perks, after all. Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day 2021 is most likely not going to include dinner reservations at

  • CBD Dinner Series Starts

    CBD Dinner Series Starts0

    Recently on the TV show Shark Tank, a man got backing worth millions to sell his family’s secret formula miracle medicine for pain. The main ingredient – CBD CBD is the new buzz word in the cannabis field because it is the side of cannabis that provides no buzz, or mind expansion effect. CBD can

  • How to make Canna CocoNut Oil

    How to make Canna CocoNut Oil1

    So along with a few recipes, I’ve covered how to make CannaOil and how to make CannaButter here on everything 420, as far as basic starter ingredients for cooking medicated meals and confections.   Another amazing cooking ingredient for not only edibles but also topicals is cannabis coconut oil. It just so happens to be one

  • How to make Medicated BBQ sauce & Ribs

    How to make Medicated BBQ sauce & Ribs2

    Whether you’re wanting to get more medicated and spice up a bbq with the homies, or maybe have a more relaxed vibe at a family cookout, one thing is for sure, its bbq season and lots of 420 smokers are partaking this summer. Maybe you’re smoking your meat, and smoking a bong wondering how you can have your