• The Kushy Punch Heard Around Cali.

    The Kushy Punch Heard Around Cali.1

    Improvements in the field of cannabis production and product formulation have given rise to an industry filled with diverse breakthroughs, concepts, and qualities that continue to evolve as the rapidly growing industry continues to progress. Among the many companies producing quality cannabis products that meet the utmost standards of purity and consistency there is one simple group in

  • W Vapes

    W Vapes0

    Evolution in the field of co2 cannabis extraction has paved the way to a plethora of refined products that have succeeded in meeting the basic demands of consumers while also addressing the strict regulatory criteria needed to safely distribute a cannabis product. Factors such as extract purity, potency, taste, and consistency are all important in determining

  • Boss titanium

    Boss titanium0

      Titanium products have become ever more popular as the dabbing industry continues to take off. However there has been much debate over the purity and quality of titanium products selling throughout the U.S. because of unethical manufacturers who have chosen to use questionable titanium that can often contain trace amounts of undesired materials within its

  • Mr. Extractor and The Solution

    Mr. Extractor and The Solution0

    Closed loop systems have become quite an important piece of equipment in the extractions industry. For those who still don’t know: A closed loop extraction system is meant to replace the common open blast method in which butane or another non-polar solvent is propelled to dissolve the desired compounds from the cannabis plant or any other usable plant material. Closed loop

  • Mobile dabbing in a Kan.

    Mobile dabbing in a Kan.0

      The number of options available when it comes to dabbing concentrates is continuing to increase as the industry becomes more mainstream. Materials, designs, and artistic concepts have drastically improved and companies are developing new products that are designed to bring out the best in cannabis concentrate consumption and culture. One particular aspect that has

  • Pipe shovel : A Dabbing Renaissance

    Pipe shovel : A Dabbing Renaissance0

    The dabbing renaissance has taken off and many inventors and specialists are spending hours perfecting the art and science of cannabis concentrate consumption. With new concepts and creations in glasswork, dabbing materials, and product innovations, the concentrates industry is indeed seeing a major boost in sales, followers, and enthusiasts. There are many different options available, each with