The FNS, aka Friday Night Sesh, is always a great time whether under sunny skies, clouds, or moonlight. However, when the VP of the 420Nurses has a B-Day on a Friday, then the atmosphere is VIP.

In case you missed this FNS, were out of town, or just don’t live within distance of the 420Nurses HQ location, here in pictures is a record of the night, the night of Summer Rain’s 24th birthday.

It may look like a recreational crowd, it isn’t. Everyone pictured here is a medical patient, has a rec, and will donate toward a personal little swag bag to be retrieved at night’s end. Though skies were grey those waiting for admission were festive, with some medicating in line. No cigarettes or alcohol were seen and alcohol is No Bueno.

Inside the Birthday Girl was the center of attention on SnapChat, Instagram, and probably Facebook. Summer’s vibe was in the air like it was Wonderland with no evil queen, just everyone’s favorite head nurse.

Then the festive crowd from outside closed in to shop, mingle, and partake in free dab samples.

Red was the color of the night in accordance with the occasion.

Tat artwork was admired on the Birthday Girl.

Photo ops were available.

But upstairs indoors in the warm wasn’t the only place folks were doing some shopping…

The hot prices took the chill off the night.

As did the available products both hot

and cold,

The FNS fans were ready,

For the Grand Finale – Wishing the Birthday Girl best wishes in her coming year.

As for me…

Happy Birthday, Summer Rain, from the staff at

PT Rothschild

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