It might be gauche to post yourself as a model when you are the editor and hopefully preparing a thought-provoking article about the cannabis convention held in Spain last weekend, but as Ye senior editor it is a privilege to post some at large photos of Summer in Madrid, Spain.

“The Eagle has landed!” Summer Rain steps out to explore the local area around the Convention city of Madrid, Spain. The season is in the same cycle as America so later a stroll around offered a look at the architecture Europe is so famous for.

Summer, who eats her vegetables and prefers fish for protein intake found some local fresh, colorful food for her palate.

On the broad tree-lined streets, a park bench offers some time to look around at being in such a lovely place on such a nice day.

Perhaps it being such an old bench, who knows who has sat here before, but magic of the city older than LA prompted the young VP to reflect in a thoughtful mood about her surroundings.

Then before you know it, there is time for one more delicious meal before departing back to the States and LA. This is a moment to be shared.



PT Rothschild

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