Real nurses take temperatures and give shots. 420nurses raise temperatures and give shots of MMJ education.

For instance, how many times when visiting a clinic have you received a free pre-roll that is from house shake? Does this become your ‘in case of emergency break glass’ joint? If not, it should.

Since 420nurses in 23 states can carry a joint with a recommendation, your ‘emergency joint’ preserved in an old pre-roll plastic tube, can come in handy should you see an older person having a stroke or a younger person having a seizure.

420 and innocent sed 1

Although being a 420nurse is about the brand and increasing your model worth in a bristling new market, the magic of the group isn’t just in a visual sense. Should a 420nurse be on-hand to stop a seizure or help a stroke victim [95% of after-stroke damage is negated with just a single puff of ditch weed if given within five minutes of attack –The Emperor Wears No Clothes], the publicity would be phenomenal.

Promoting the brand as stated in Starting a Chapter means you are like a ‘boy scout’ in uniform. You represent the entire group to everyone you meet, because you are a minority in society. There are a lot of pretty and sexy women. They’re everywhere and competing. You as a nurse are all that but you stand for something and you’re not competing.

420 and hide your stash

The first time a 420nurse helps a non-cannabis culture sick person on a public level will be huge, especially if it is filmed and uploaded to the internet. As the organization spreads, nurses must be ready to seize any opportunity that brings a positive light to cannabis and the brand name in a medical way.

Beyond being a good looking model is growing a brand others seek to hire. After all, who wouldn’t want to hire a Wonder Woman to photo promote their product?

With cannabis, the way is open for artistry, beauty, and practical relief all on the fly.

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