Stop The Government OK for Glyphosate

Stop The Government OK for Glyphosate

Glyphosate is the prime ingredient in Monsanto’s Round Up. Most of the readers here are aware that Monsanto is alleged to grow the GMO pot in legal weed states that makes the tourists sick. Monsanto is also alleged to have created the Zika virus which is detrimental to child-bearing age women. By now, some of you may be asking yourself, what has this to do with Everything420?

The answer is simple. Everything has to do with 420. The poison from the Geo-engineered sky [chem trails] is inorganic, meaning it is harmful through buildup. When you do a ‘wakenbake’ then hack up a ball of phlegm, it may not be romantic as far as morning wood goes, but in that spittle is the inorganic crap from the sky that you took in during the previous 24 hours. Rather than lodge in your system and build up, causing health problems in the future, the expectorant effect of cannabis keeps you whole.

Almost as prevalent is the usage of Round Up with its main ingredient glyphosate, a patented antibiotic. Developed to be used with GMO plants made resistant through breeding to the pesticide [poison], glyphosate is now used by the establishment farmers on all crops and as a burn-down, eliminating the final field tractor pass [and less diesel exhaust pollution, is the argument]. As a result of the last 20 years usage, glyphosate is now found in the air, in the ground and drinking water [tap], even in breast milk.

Glyphosate via Round Up is used worldwide and recently the World Health Organization listed glyphosate as a probable carcinogen. California has a people-written Prop 65 law [1980s] that says California must keep a list of all products used statewide that are possible carcinogen [cancer causing] agents. Monsanto sued to not be on the list [as Round Up] and lost even in appeal. Now the California office of the EPA is tasked with determining a NSRL or the daily allowable amount of this toxic agent that disrupts body organs [see MOMS].

The proposed limit of 1100 Ug [micrograms] was figured for a man with a girth of 70 kilos [1 kilo =s 2.2 lbs]. Left out of this equation were women, children, and babies, the ones most vulnerable to DNA cellular damage that is caused by this neurotoxin pesticide. The Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment [OEHHA] now open for comments until June 21, 5PM, must be made aware through you and your social media group that the proposed NSRL is too high as 1 PPT [1 part per trillion] has been shown to stimulate breast cancer cells in vitro [Thongprakaisang et al., 2013].

Please go here to provide comment against this ridiculously high [industry supplied] NSRL.

Subject line – Glyphosate NSRL

Body text – your words but if a limit must be set, make it .01 PPT.

Thank you, one and all – The future is at stake. Everything420 Crew

PT Rothschild

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