The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition held its $500/ticket soiree at the Convention Center in DTLA on Sept. 13-15 and bought home the continuing civil war over cannabis, medical pot, and posers who have invaded the cannabis cause like carpetbagger fleas. Bolstered by the passage of Cali’s Prop 64 to own the world’s biggest pot market outside Amsterdam, the elites led by Hillary Clinton/BLM/Prop 64 backer George Soros, over-played their hand by barring entry to the Exposition, Trump/Alex Jones insider, Roger Stone, at the door like a Mexican at the border. And that was no bueno, for them, that is. Great for us because it showed Mr. Stone [and by proxy, President Trump and Alex Jones] that medical patients who need and use cannabis are in serious trouble of becoming like Washington State, a great program ruined by the legalization of pot by those who have no experience with the plant or its history.

Alerted to what transpired at the LA Expo, local cannabis activists arranged for a meeting with Mr. Stone at a members-only spot a stone’s throw from the Staples throw-down, and it wasn’t $500 a seat.

Cannabis activists Jeanette Perez, left, Patrick Moore, right. Roger Stone, center

Also in attendance was the legendary Richard Eastman, cannabis historian and activist, pictured below at the Richard Eastman Wall in the Hollywood Hemp Museum.

Richard Eastman, activist

And one of the two women who saw through and sounded the alarm helping defeat Prop 19, Letitia Pepper, activist and attorney, pictured after skirmish at another cannabis industry expo that supported Prop 64. Hers was the first voice I heard about Monsanto’s GMO pot, after Memoirs’ prediction.

Letitia Pepper in red jacket, after telling the truth about Prop 64 inside the conference

And now the meeting with the United States Cannabis Coalition representative Roger Stone, speaking at The Alchemy Lounge, DTLA, on last Friday.

Video by Joe Hemp, media activist

PT Rothschild

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