Staying “Sensi-ble”

Staying “Sensi-ble”


Cannabis infused edibles have become commonplace among the many dispensaries, collectives, and recreational facilities throughout the country. The options available have also become much more diverse since the starting days of legalization and although the simple cookie, brownie, and cereal bar remain available they have given swift passage to more complex and sophisticated methods of consuming cannabis.

Among the many companies dedicated to producing cannabis infused edibles, there are only a handful that have made use of other healthy ingredients for added beneficial properties. There is one company though that has made itself well known throughout the state of California. Sensi Products is an edible company that has been in establishment since 2010. What sets them apart from others is that they have incorporated supplemental materials to promote a better quality of life.

We had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with the people behind Sensi Products to find out what inspires them to provide such meticulous and precise formulations to the cannabis edible industry.

“Like so many others, our story began with healing members of our own family. While doing research we found many breakthroughs and success stories in the field of cannabis, so we developed and created a product that would be beneficial to those who really needed it. Once we got involved though, we received our own testimonials and stories of how helpful our products have been, and so it became obvious that we had to continue our work.”

There is a major difference between Sensi Products and other cannabis edibles. What first inspired you to create them in the way that they are?

“Our original product was a mini drink similar to a typical energy-shot. They were available in either indica infused with melatonin for sleep aid, or sativa with natural caffeine for energy. Both were very effective and successful, however the bottling, formulation, and stabilization were a constant challenge. We eventually asked ourselves, ‘what if we can improve on the success of these specialty infused cannabis products by formulating them into something more stable, that has a longer shelf life, and is more user friendly to the patient.’ As of early 2015 we have discontinued the Sensi-Shot in favor of the more ‘sensible’ Sensi Chew. We currently have twelve different products with more to be announced in the near future.”

What sets Sensi Products apart from other edible companies?

“In addition to having a wide variety of consistent cannabis edibles with resealable and discrete packaging, many of our products contain vitamins, minerals, and natural supplements that other companies simply aren’t using.”


Here is a list of the many products they produce:

The standard Sensi Chew 100 is a simple chocolate taffy similar to a tootsie roll. It is infused with 100mg of THC distributed into four equal 25mg segments and is available in either indica, sativa, or hybrid.


The original Sensi formulas are still available in the form of two products. They contain the same 100mg edible dosed into four smaller 25mg pieces, however the Sensi Chew Insomnia is infused with 5mg of melatonin per dose to work as a sleep aid while the Sensi Chew Energy is infused with 50mg of natural caffeine per dose: the equivalent of a strong cup of coffee.

image image

Sensi Chew is also available in Extra Strength which contains double the THC dosage at 200mg instead of the regular 100mg, and the Sensi Chew CBD is infused with 100mg of CBD rich cannabinoids in a 3:7 CBD/THC ratio.

image image

Sensi Chew Marjuon:

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Inspired by an old Moroccan recipe, these chewy nutty confections are infused with the same 100mg of THC. However instead of four pieces, these edibles are portioned into two 50mg pieces and are composed of a lovely combination of four organic nuts, organic dates, and honey.

Sensi Chew Amore:


A very special member of the Sensi Chew family. These taffy chews are portioned into two 25mg pieces and are infused with an aphrodisiac ingredient: 80mg of Tongkat Ali per dose. This natural supplement is meant to aid in the relaxation of muscles while also providing increased energy, desire, and sexual stamina. (Warning: Do not take this product if you have a heart condition, and do not combine with caffeinated products or energy supplements.)

As a basic safety measure all Sensi Chews come in a resealable packaging that requires a multi-step process when it is first opened to help keep it child resistant.


In addition to the taffy chew, Sensi Products also produces three special nut and fruit chews infused with beneficial vitamins and minerals.

The Sensi Chew Power is infused with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Calcium, and Potassium to boost energy, aid in athletic performance, and assist recovery by supplying the proper nutrients needed to increase endurance.


The Sensi Chew Antioxidant is infused with organic Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. This formulation is meant to protect the body from free radicals that potentially build up as a result of accumulated stress and inner toxins.

imageThe Sensi Chew Immunity is infused with organic Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc to boost the immune system, aid in recovery from infection, and protect against various ailments.

imageAll three Sensi Chew Vitamin Infused edibles are rich in Omega 3 & 6, and also contain a single 25mg dose of THC from pure hybrid strains to provide a balanced relief from inflammation, stiff / sore muscles, anxiety, and stress.

“Whether it is for medicinal or therapeutic reasons, we believe that cannabis can be a beneficial ingredient to those who use it responsibly.”

We’d like to thank the people at Sensi Products for taking the time to speak with us and for providing such a wide variety of consistent cannabis products that have benefited so many needy patients.
For more information on Sensi Products you can visit their website at:



Photos Provided By: Sensi Products

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