In 1996, Prop 215 was voted in and medical marijuana in California became a reality. I was not a medical patient at that time but I knew plenty of young people who were via Ritalin and Adderall regiments. Although I knew the benefits I was getting from weed being a stoner, I didn’t feel medical

In 1996, Prop 215 was voted in and medical marijuana in California became a reality. I was not a medical patient at that time but I knew plenty of young people who were via Ritalin and Adderall regiments. Although I knew the benefits I was getting from weed being a stoner, I didn’t feel medical because I didn’t suffer from anything like my young scene friends.

However, it wasn’t just my young buds who were helped by the initiative passing. Because of a mutual artist connection, I had come to know of a husband [cluster migraines] and wife [MS] who had known Jack Herer from his SFV days. They were not youngsters and they had smoked weed long before being diagnosed with their ailments. This couple put me dead center in the medical marijuana cause in Southwest Riverside County, a tight knit group of cannabis pioneers.

And then a funny thing happened. People who weren’t medical marijuana patients, in state and out of state, started voicing an opinion that the MMJ cause was just a ruse to smoke pot. Being deep in the MMJ cause and knowing various patients personally, I knew this opinion to be false though I contended that of course there was a certain percentage that were faking it. However based on the events and places that I had been to, I rarely saw anyone ‘just partying’.

Occupy Los Angeles is one of 3 dedications in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green for a number of reasons. This bellwether event was a touchstone of activism, exposing the structure of our modern society, the last empire foretold on the old earth. At OLA I smoked weed with everyone from the blind handicapped to bonafide cannabis activists and all sorts in between. They all had a recommendation. When OLA was over, I had decided to see a doctor and get my rec. Being on a ‘list’ had been my only opposition.

Becoming a medical marijuana patient was an experience. It seemed surreal at first, like turning into color if you have ever seen the movie Pleasantville. Even walking away from the doctor’s office I felt different, and bumping into a fellow MMJ smoker at the bus stop for a celebratory flash-sesh is a moment that made my book. But that was just the beginning.

First off, I felt different. I felt validated. As a stoner, I always pushed the thought that pot should be legal because it made you feel better and there were no side effects. The only downside was the legality, the hippy stoner image stigma that makes a person feel paranoid around non-stoners, and you had to use ‘common sense’ like with alcohol. Pot, however, didn’t affect the same brain centers as alcohol so the learning curve was different. Clearly it was an alternative to drinking and pot promoted a different lifestyle mindset. Weed was political.

When I came out to California in 1994, the knowledge of pot being in the Bible was through the plant being an herb [seed bearing], Gen 1:11, 29, 30. I had also come across the ideas brought to light by legend Jack Herer. In 1996, I designed and printed up tee shirts to promote Prop 215 which sold through Inner World in Oceanside and where I lived in the Temecula/Murrieta area. The shirts featured the Bible verse numbers but no Scripture text. They were a hit and just like that, I was part of the older medical marijuana scene around town.

The older group had ailments like MS, cluster migraines, and lupus that were completely different from the younger generation ailments that I knew. Later in the fight for medical marijuana I would meet a third group comprised of ex-alkies and pill-poppers, all helped by this miracle plant. The alternative to statue quo, booze and cigarettes, has come to mean the future. In fact the latest figures show cigarette use in decline versus pot use, which has remained stable.

Like a Lawrence of Arabia, I was now a part of a group that had far worse physical ailments than I and my young crowd. I felt like a chain of connection between the two. Close personal associations developed from this kinship and its patient openness. Then my book, Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, went on Amazon and the world for me went global in awareness.

Though I spoke of [predicted] Monsanto’s GMO pot plot and the connection to the ancient money system origin through America being the last empire [Daniel 2], I was amazed by the groups of people fighting for control of the issue, pro and con. My press credentials and rec got me into all the areas I wanted access to. My published stories covered all the angles in a way that was fair to the reader and the subject.

By far the swellest group I encountered is the 420Nurses, a bunch of patient models who are positioned in the center of the medical marijuana scene. Though a no-brainer to a new author looking for that WoW factor on his biz cards, it was six months before I realized the group was also predicted in the last paragraph of Memoirs. That put a different spin on the whole slant since cannabis is in the Bible and at the heart of the Hanukkah miracle as the Temple oil.

2018 put a different light on the whole ‘patient’ mindset and you might get tempted to save dough by not renewing your recommendation. A few days ago in the city I live in now, a no-fly zone for Mary Jane officially, I hit the outskirts on a tip. What I found was a trio of shops side by side, all looking like you should ride your bicycle there to pick up. I just picked one. The waiting room had a display of various clocks, all set at 4:20, and that was cool. I picked up a 500mg vape cartridge for $25, no PG or VG added, metal tip. A rec was not required and I hadn’t taken one. I wanted to test the waters as a newbie.

Prior to the little barrio of shops, I went to another dispensary not very far away. This location was from the shopkeeper of a neighborhood mini-mart. This place looked pre-2018 on the inside where the cannabis products were displayed for purchase. The atmosphere was relaxed and the selection more varied that the shop sampled in the cluster. At this spot I scored 3 grams of Paris OG [indica], 3 grams of Green Crack [Sativa], 1 gram of Moon Rocks, and 1 gram of keif, all for $61 out the door. Once again no rec was involved.

What was different to me this time was in the feeling. It was like being a stoner, again. And that’s the rub. I don’t puff the good herb to get stoned. Long ago like my old friend Woody, [drummer, Spoonbills, Phatheads], I noticed that all my aches and pains were gone when I smoked pot. Now however I was part of a conglomerate of patients who shared a God-based, somewhat New Age Rasta outlook as opposed to the God-less suits and posers, the vain and self-centered, or the ragga-muffin carpetbaggers whose love is money, not the sacred plant we were hardwired to accommodate, along with our animals.

These are strange times we live in and you can’t be fooled by what you are told. The legality the state of California conveys is still subject to change, whether by Sessions shutting down the legal side or a national policy of legality being set in stone, pardon the pun. Don’t give away your right for a privilege just to save money. The government only serves itself. Keep medical with a current rec.

Stay true to this sacred plant. Stay MMJ!

PT Rothschild

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