Hello all, My name is Maria Aguiniga, 20 years old, and I must say 420Nurses is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Ever since I was 12 I dreamed of pursuing a career in modeling. I always wanted to be in the magazines modeling for the big fashion designers and be on the cover of Italian Vogue and Vanity Fair. Since then I’ve auditioned and tried to get the attention of numerous agencies.

Sadly I never got anywhere. I was always told the same thing, “You’re too short”, “We loved your positive, upbeat attitude and charisma but I’m sorry you’re just not what we’re looking for”. Once I was told “You’re a beautiful girl but… it’s just your nose. It’s a little big and crooked, you should do something about it.”

So I stopped chasing that dream. I figured maybe I just wasn’t meant to model and then it occurred to me, Why should I have to change the body I was born with to please these picky photographers and other people? Obviously trying to do High Fashion modeling was not for me. My life went on, I graduated high school, started working, later I started going to college, and met the love of my life, Patrick Smile

So anyway ever since I was a young kid, I have always suffered from back and neck pain. I started seeing a chiropractor my freshmen year in high school which improved my posture and my overall health, a lot. But sometimes when my back or neck would be bothering me, my chiropractor couldn’t always be there, so my best friend Leslie introduced me to marijuana. Since then I smoke to help me with my back and neck. About a couple of months ago I was at a medical marijuana club with Leslie and the guy that worked at this particular one, Daniel, told me to check out the 420nurses on Facebook. I did and it seemed legit, and most of all, fun!

I messaged the page explaining that I was interested in modeling and asked if they were accepting new models. ChaCha VaVoom replied back to me [Smile]. Although I have not met her in person yet, because I live far way, I love and appreciate her [Smile]. She and Summer Rain have been so helpful. What really got to me and made it somewhat emotional was that I felt wanted.

Sounds strange but what I mean is I did not get any negativity, I felt accepted and they were more than happy to help me out and give me information. It really means so much to me. It also feels good to not be told I’m too short.

I just recently ordered my intern kit and waiting for it to come in the mail [Smile]. Although I live 7 hours away [San Jose] I cannot wait to go to LA soon and meet ChaCha and Summer Rain [Smile] and become more involved with the 420nurses [Smile]. Can’t wait for my gear to come in the mail and start representing the 420nurses. I can see this working out and hopefully get more modeling experience [Smile] Really excited!!!! 😀

420 and Maria Jesse selfie

Thanks for Reading <3 by MariaJesse

(Thank you for sharing – Editor)

PT Rothschild

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