As the lead-in photo shows, 420Nurses are spreading the green exponentially. Today we tell you what it takes to be a Chapter Leader.

Up till now the NEWS has looked at events, chapters, locations, and photo shoots of the 420Nurses. As word spreads about the organization, we now look at the structure, the purpose, and the business side of this glamorous, artistic, activist platform for female patients**. Headquarters Chapter VP Summer Rain (top left) contributed to this report.

420 and four of a kind at kush bar photoshoot

Why launch a business from the ground up when you can be part of the 420nurses and have a solid head start. The 420nurses, a social platform for females wanting to open a business in this expanding green market, is creating a powerful brand in a new way. Our timely cannabis logo is a one of a kind recognition expressing layered positive feminine symbolism. We are a company that is evolving while rapidly expanding through towns, cities, and states. As a company the 420Nurses are becoming the standard of social commercial cooperation because together with the client we combine our resourceful talents and artistic ideas to create a lasting visual product promotion.

To start your local 420Nurses chapter you must be a motivated individual ready to represent to the FULLEST. Purchase the Chapter Kit to start your group and get the gear needed for meetings and events. During this time as a group leader you must recruit 3 New interns for your group to fill the required positions to start a chapter. These four positions generally make up the “Board” or senior officers of the chapter.


PRESIDENT: The President is the leader of a Chapter/Group and may be voted into this positions or have it handed down from the previous president. Their Power may vary from chapter to chapter requiring popular vote of the chapter leaders.

VICE PRESIDENT: Is the second in command, and will lead in times where the president cannot (Such as illness). You are Voted into this positions or appointed by the president.

DIRECTOR: Handles Booking , arranges meetings and keeps financial records of the chapter.

SECRETARY: Keeps records and logs of meetings and events.

To become an official chapter you must first operate a successful 420nurse Group. You will not receive the chapter leader title until your 420nurse group is stable and approved by the 420nurses. Chapter leaders are the foundation of the 420nurses as the flow chart below shows.

420 and nurse organization chart
Can anyone be a chapter leader?

Unfortunately the answer to this question is a big (NO).

Chapter leaders are required to be self-motivated, drama free, talented individuals that are able to work in teams and must have the drive to be successful. (And Good Looking! ) In the circle of the 420nurses the hardest task goes to the chapter leaders as they are expected to lead and to build a successful chapter despite all the bumps life throws at us. Other Chapter leaders are always here to help each other out. Chapter leaders represent the developmental expansion of the 420nurses and their successes will be testimony to the 420nurses of the future.

Responsibilities of a chapter/Chapter Leader*

Promote the 420nurses brand in everything you do!

*Login to the 420nurses and welcome members so they can recognize you as the leader of your chapter.

Recruit patient models in your area.

Associate with photographers in your area.

*Create a Facebook/Instagram Page – Example 420nurses of Alaska <-Replace with your state.

Find Sponsor opportunities in your area by talking to business owners (All different types, for example, hair salons , doctors, collectives, tattoo shops…etc…)

*Meet with interns on a weekly basis.

Work with local businesses to promote.

[**- Because medical marijuana isn’t legal everywhere but cannabis relief works everywhere, the term ‘patient’ refers to any person helped by the plant’s ingestion. Patients in legal states are just ‘legal’ patients. – Ed]

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