Anyone who has read or listened to Memoirs of Mary Jane & Mr. Pete knows the Spoonbills, argumentatively the best bar band on either side of the Mississippi River between Dubuque and Burlington, IA during the middle and late 80s. They were instrumental in starting the annual Blues Festival held there every August.

A hobby band, the ‘Bills never recorded any studio releases since this was way before Pro Tools and the internet. There were a few limited ‘live’ recordings made through the years and I was lucky enough to be immortalized on one of them, captured forever, as a guy named ‘Steve’.

Yes, Sports Fans, the night the ‘wolf pack’ showed up to be a part of the live recording, the band’s fill-in front man Woody called me out as ‘Steve’ because in the heat of the moment, that was the first name that popped into his head. Yours truly blinked but Woody kept the monologue going before I joined him in singing the chorus of “Oh Yeah”.

On Sunday Spoonbills drummer ‘Woody’ is celebrating his 60th birthday and this reporter plans on being there as past members of the band’s lineup during the years they performed, also planning on attending. One member, Guilio, isn’t supposed to make it unfortunately due to family issues with a sick granny.

The band, which played up and down bars on both side of the river, is the college edition of my learning about music, namely from the band’s angle of things. Seeing the entertainment side from behind the curtain is an education to the real world, a different world than what the person who pays to get in sees. This is akin to taking up collection in church rather than just attending each week for the service.

That being said, this reporter is on foreign assignment, outside the land of Hollywood to a place over the hills and through the woods. Stay lifted and I will return with tales of my adventures. One Love. Stay Lifted. And keep rocking in the free smoked-filled world!

Woody's birthday spoonbills flyer

PT Rothschild

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