Bill Cosby has now joined the ranks of Woody Allen, Cee Lo Green, and Stephen Collins in being an ex-beloved now douche bag.

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You can go here to read the full details because this news commentary is about the karma which surrounds our actions, especially our unseen actions.

Often you wonder what if JFK, RFK, and MLK hadn’t been womanizers, would they have changed the world more, or did their slipping and sliding allow them to be cut down in their prime before salvation could be attained for us all?

While not involved in politics, Stephen Collins, self-admitted predator using his fame to seduce children, now couldn’t catch a cold in Hollywood, and has been dropped like a bad habit by his ex-friends. Cee Lo Green has also been crossed off public appearances and concerts. The same fallout is now starting to wash over the late-great, now disgraced Bill Cosby.

Reading an excerpt from Cosby’s biography, which like James Brown’s film leaves out the unsavory women bits to gloss over and polish the legacy, the tragic and senseless death of Cosby’s only son, Ennis, reveals itself in a different light.

The Cosby Show

The storyline of Theo in The Cosby Show was patterned after the real-life dynamics between Cosby and Ennis, particularly the family frustrations portrayed toward the TV son to try harder and be more like the successful father/doctor. In real life, the HBC system failed to catch the son’s dyslexia as had the private schools throughout life where Ennis was a star athlete.

Luckily a friend suggested dyslexia and he did test positive. Improvement soon followed and the son blossomed into a positive life until he was murdered at 27 off the I-405 by some random whack job who was caught about two weeks later. At the time this senseless act made no logic except it was ‘his time’. And to be truthful, tales such as these add to the hysteria about LA and made me fearful of the place until Occupy LA.

Cosby’s ‘be like me, I’m a self-made success’ is a mantle of many ‘self-made’ men, but the black version is particularly rigid toward diversity. The line, “I brought you into this world and I can take you out” [from the bio] is exactly the line of reason that led Marvin Gaye’s preacher father to kill his famous son.


Perhaps Cosby’s decades old womanizing brought Ennis’ fate upon him that night and now, not having learned his lesson, Bill Cosby’s lasting legacy is being turned from gold to brass, tarnished!

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