The ways to medicate have grown and continue to expand faster than most generations can keep up. Also not everyone is hip to the latest gadgets or how to get the most benefit from medicating with today’s smoke shop kitsch. To just grab a quick bit of stress or nausea relief, nothing beats a little snapper.

Gone are the days when you could just go out of sight with the homemade water bottle bong and a bowl from the metal bottom piece of a ball point Bic. Of course you can rely on the old apple pipe, but you still leave a tell-tale cloud of you know who hanging in the air. A good patient is an unobtrusive patient in public.

Also today, everyone knows about or has heard of the high [no pun intended] potency of dabs. But a dab rig is like taking the party with you; not to mention all the preparation to go through for that couch-lock hit. Thankfully we live in the future where everything is possible. Today you can have the best of both worlds, as Sammy Hagar once sang, in ‘snap dabs’. This is a small measure of the amount you would put in a rig paired with the convenience of a vape pen.

The assembled unit is pictured below. Approx $20-$40 in equipment costs.

Here are the main sections to your smoke shop dab pen. These pens may also be available at MMJ expo event shows.

Apart, you have the globe chamber [this design seems to work best for the max snap dab]; the ceramic burn cup with twin coils [better burn than single coil models]; dab top base with ID threads; and eGo-Twist [or any adjustable voltage] rechargeable battery, plus a charger (not shown).

Operation is simple and only requires a charged pen, shatter or hard taffy concentrate/extract, a dab tool, a wood toothpick (optional), and a fingernail.

In your private space, pick off a piece of shatter 1/3 to ¼ the size of your little fingernail. If the taffy wax is used, pick off a section a third the size of a grain of rice. Gather the strands of stretched wax and pack them into the main wax body using quick, flicker-like fingernail taps to discourage the wax from sticking. Once the wax is gathered into a tight little half rice grain shape, remove with the toothpick and gently place the wax in the center area between the coils. If shatter, place the chunk across the coils.

Replace the globe top, push the on button and when you see white smoke start to boil out of the open top like a cauldron, put you mouth to the pen top and inhale.

The heat time is pre-set so the amount of the snap dab depends on the med size you load onto the coils. Size matters, as always.

The head change is immediate and intense before the glaze of chill takes over and the day goes go. Do not medicate and operate machinery. Be safe, not sorry.

PT Rothschild

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