Seen online, Snoop Dogg’s GGN Network showed Jimmy Kimmel while host, Snoop, revealed he smoked weed in the White House bathroom.

Laughing to myself, I was surprised by some of the comments left by people on the Wonder Wall story. Editors looking at the same story must have had the same reaction because now the story is buried on the bing trending carrousel.

With negative comments coming from Michigan and Kentucky, it makes you wonder what planet the commentators live on. Marijuana is now accepted on a medical basis most places, so have people forgotten or not heard about the 60s and 70s? Are people not politically informed enough to know that Willie Nelson smoked weed, possibly with Jimmy Carter, on the WH roof?

The Snoop Dogg series is very entertaining because the host is ‘real’ and the humor is genuine but there is ample respect shown to the guests. Recently a guest was on the show that I once ‘partied with’ when I had a small compound place in the valley where I live. Knowing this guest and his thoughts on the subject, I noticed that Snoop never pulled out a fatty or chiefed any weed with his guest. That was respect for his guest’s image, his guest’s public image.

Snoop has been around the scene since his scene started and the press spotlight has always found him. It wasn’t that they wanted news all the time, as Snoop can always generate something controversial in that he doesn’t and has never hidden his cannabis use or love for it. But the new series featuring some popular names shows the talent background of being in the biz and meeting up and coming talent acquaintances back in the day.

Snoop Dog in red tee shirt

Like Willie Nelson, JFK [rumored], and items published over the years saying the Turtles (a.) snorted cocaine off Lincoln’s desk or (b.) smoked pot in the Lincoln Bedroom, Snoop joins a select cast of VIPs, all very important potheads.

Be sure and check out the GGN Network for more Snoop.

PT Rothschild

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