This year Easter comes on 4/20, the international day of celebration for those in the cannabis culture, be it legally, illegally, or medically. Though smoked clandestinely for decades, it was only in recent history that the fabled number combination came to symbolize both the plant culture and the day to celebrate that plant culture.

The latest Divine Intervention benchmark, Easter, is coming after the only two pot legal states, both #1 Seeds, played each other in a contest where one smoked the other. The defense, which marijuana has and is still on, won the game handedly. Is this a portent of things to come?

Who can say, except that in Denver this year, the town will be celebrating with a week long list of pot-promoting shows, expos, and music extravaganzas. Being Easter there will be plenty of eggs and ham but for those who see through the noise to toward the One Love expressed by the plant toward all, this Easter will show them both smoking green eggs and ham.     

420 and ladies among women

Keep it tuned here as the NEWS brings you highlights from the first city-wide cannabis celebration in Denver’s history from the premier model agency repping Mary Jane for medical marijuana patients, the 420Nurses.

You’ll feel better for reading their reports, and be smarter too.

PT Rothschild

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