This past weekend the 420Nurses took to the studio for a pin up photoshoot. The pin up has had a very long history and has made many transformations throughout its start. The 420Nurses decided to show the cannabis community that the pin up still belongs.

The history of the pin up can be attributed to its start in the early 20th century during a time when just saying the word sex was taboo. The only way to avoid breaking the law was to show the female form as art rather than an overt sex symbol. In a show of rebellion against society’s sexual repression more magazines began to show women in various states of undress and linked sexual conduct to humor. During the 1930’s Calendar Girls became popular thanks to artists George Petty and Alberto Vargas. And the quintessential Pin Up was born.

During WWII the Pin Up gained mass popularity as soldiers would stash away paintings of their favorite actresses in their kitbags. Even American planes were adorned with scantily clad women that would remind them what they were fighting for back home. Everywhere you looked the Pin Up was present.

Summer Rain the 21st Century Pin Up #420Nursesphotography

Summer Rain the 21st Century Pin Up #420Nursesphotography

In the 1950’s and 1960’s the Pin Up was recognized as a legitimate art form and transcended into the world of photography. Pin Up was transformed from advertising to photography and bridged the gap between all facets of sexuality. During this time Bettie Page became the most famous Pin Up for her fetish modeling, which is a title she still holds to this day.

The genre died out with the advent of video as the nude, lewd, and crude became favorable. Fortunately there has been a revival of the classic Pin Up style in recent years. There is now a trend toward the classically beautiful women of this era to reflect when a peek-a-boo was all that was needed to set the imagination on fire.

To 420Nurses President Cha Cha VaVoom, the Pin Up is best exemplified by that quick naughty moment of a woman revealing too much. Nowadays we use the Pin Up style as a source of pride and strength. It is up to the model and not the media to define herself. Take pride in what you do and who you are. As always, remember that the 420Nurses is a modeling company by women, for women, where women can define themselves free from criticism. To see more 420Nurses Pin Up photos check out and create your free profile today!


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