manning and where is the football shotFor those of us who watched yesterday’s Super Bowl, the first ‘bud’ bowl and joked about all week in the main stream media, the end results were no joking matter to anyone in Colorado. For those outside our 420Nursehood who are wondering what happened, you can read all the details and opinions put forth by the experts, aka the talking heads.

Many will ask ‘what happened?’ but real Sports Fans saw the Broadway Joe coin toss mishap, requiring a second toss, a mulligan, by the ref. Joe, wearing a two martini-after BJ smile and sporting a girl that would get carded without makeup, was clearly in the party moment, but that ‘Lemony Snicket’ event set the tone of things to come.

Though I hadn’t smoked my first bowl yet, I looked at my blinking friend as we sat in T-town’s premier casino after that safety and I said, “That’s a bad sign.” My friend and I are aware of signs and wonders. He was a Denver fan. Knowing ‘signs’ is like seeing signs on the highway. They mark the trail.

Ever since Colorado beat Cali to legal weed, the nuggets have been rattling like gold. Touting how much money they are going to make, is literally counting your chickens before they hatch; a no-no any oldster will tell you. There is cockiness to being a sore loser and an ungracious winner. Also Mary Jane will NOT be pimped like some ho.

What we have access to at the NEWS and my friend doesn’t, is an agenda itinerary.

That itinerary comes from a group of women called The Fates. This column will not seek to explain them or their presence. If you are reading this, you can Google them and read for yourself. These women provided the impetus for actually publishing the book Memoirs because the work was originally private only for printout after my funeral, when I could no longer be embarrassed by some of my antics or seem to be romantically bragging.

I normally tell readers who buy the book, read the first 19 chapters then take a break, because Chapter 20 is like philosophy, it has to be digested. Except for the joke at the end, the entire chapter is the rewrite from two epiphanies sent by The Fates. The 420Nurses and the people here are special, and not just as readers, but because we are sick. We are a special group, bearing witness to the agenda of Divine Intervention because we are united by One Love, under a dark feminine energy, standing up for what is right according to the compassion of Mary Jane, a spirit given a last name and told to Jack Herer for validation before he crossed over.

Laura Eisenhower, Alchemist, The Dream Team

Laura Eisenhower, Alchemist, The Dream Team

Last Friday I met a woman leader, a co-leader of The Dream Team, see story Will Dr. Dream Awaken Temecula, now trending at We talked on the highest esoteric level, each validating our existence on that level. When I presented a signed copy of Memoirs to her, I just showed her the last paragraph of the last chapter, Chapter 20. She quickly read it as it is not long and has the joke I wrote down that came to me. She smiled and looked back at me, and I knew she got the whole book, because she understood the joke. She is Laura Eisenhower, great-granddaughter to Dwight D. Eisenhower, the Prez who warned people my age of the Military Industrial Complex.

 We are on our last Pope, there is a house on the moon, you are seeing Divine Intervention in action, and we are reporting from the front of the parade. Film at 11.

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