The Alchemy Lounge meeting with Roger Stone, ally of President Trump and Alex Jones, yielded more than kind words from Mr. Stone. Also in attendance at the meeting was someone who added knowledge to my smart meter information garnered from my Gem Faire participation with some of my other usual suspects. Once again causes collide because at the heart of the matter is deception, illness, and spying. But there is a solution.

No matter what state you live in, smart meters are no bueno for these reasons, they and other wireless devices emit electromagnetic radiation [EMR]. Based on studies by WHO and 190 other scientists, [to a certain percentage of the population] EMR exposure leads to headaches, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, ringing in the ears, skin rashes, numbness and tingling, chest pain, heart palpitations, memory loss, high blood pressure, trouble concentrating, nausea, depression, dizziness, anxiety, and should be a Class 2A Probable Human Carcinogen. Smart meters are the worse because their signal must be strong enough to be read by a company truck at a distance for the utility usage bill.

While your other devices may be spying on you, your smart meter is ratting you out big-time by itemizing the types of equipment use wattage use of everything plugged into your house system. How that impacts readers here is like this. Recently with Prop 64’s legal weed for everyone/one size fits all for profit law, LA is requiring everyone to purchase a yearly license from the city and the state to be able to grow your medicine. The smart meter readout will tell the city if you are growing or not. No license, a small fine, at first, but you are in the system and that can’t be good.

So how do you opt out before January 2018? For Los Angeles call LADWP 800-342-5397; SDG&E 877-357-8525, SCE 800-810-2369; SoCalGas 800-427-2200. The ability to opt out and get an analog meter comes from the CPUC ruling docket #: A.11-07-20. You will be charged an additional fee for a set amount of time for this service. But what is your health and privacy worth? Chances are you have noticed an increase in your bill since the addition of the smart meter anyway.

For more information see Facebook: Stop OC Smart Meters; youtube: Wireless Free Zone;;

Cannabis activist Beth Kemp contributed to this report.

PT Rothschild

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