SLUMP – The Review

SLUMP – The Review

Some things speak for themselves both in logo and intelligent design. The expanding world of cannabis extracts is one such arena where you are only limited by your outlook and sophistication. Upon entering the sesh world or any multi-vendor cannabis event, you are greeted with a slew of wax, budder, shatter, hash oil, and crumble dealers, all with various logos, budtenders, and rigs.

At my first Friday Night Sesh, there was one vendor which stood out as a quality endeavor. That company/vendor is Slump Wax.

Against a white card-stock background, both the distinct font styling and the solid Slump Bear logo stand out when filled in with a signature Jackson Pollock print. The look is very eye-catching and elegant, a touch of thought-out class when used with the perfume sample card fold rather than the printed jeweler style packet.

The rear fold flap back cover yields crisp, clean lettering displaying the standard Prop 215 and SB 420 text, the weight [.5 or 1.0 gram], the run [NR, PNR, TR], and the strain name. Some social media info follows that.

The centerfold reveals a clear plastic mini baggie containing a folded wax paper with the chosen strain. This is set against an all Jackson Pollock interior with just a small white fill Slump bear logo on the opposite page from the mini baggie that has only one side of it stapled to the card. The wax paper is not only folded but interlocked, showing that extra care you don’t often see. And that’s just for starters. Classy and uncomplicated.

While I will admit that I am horrible at names, I don’t forget faces and the face for Slump Wax is a face that seems as memorable as the company name or the Pollock-bear brand logo.

But this company face is a lot more, and you find that out when you ask about the waxes carried or watch the load-in. The company has a swag line to compliment the headliner, wax.

The display area is pure Goldilocks. The set up is just right – not too busy and not too varied. When you come by this table, you believe in the hereafter because you know what you are here after.

That would be the wax. This report we will talk of the Road Dawg OG. The RDOG is in the budder stage now in So Cali unless kept in the fridge, but the smell is remarkably clean and pure. In a way, the extract or concentrate arenas in the cannabis field are comparable to the wine side of the liquor industry, just opposite in everything except sophistication and taste. Except for beer, wine is the oldest alcohol; concentrates and extracts are part of the newest things in Cannabis City.

The RDOG color is a translucent amber in moist little chunks, not a jelly or oil. A wooden toothpick will clean a metal dab spoon and deposit the medication in a dual coil globe unit for a vape pen perfectly [see Snap Dabs].

The wax instantly bubbles into a thick slightly off-white vapor cloud quicker than most [imho]. There is hardly any aftertaste or cough-producing lung expansion. You exhale [on a snap dab] hardly any exhaust vapor, but the head trip is a heavy throttle from a fine, smooth taste. This isn’t what you snap dab while playing Duck Hunt.

Although there are numerous extract and concentrate companies, not everyone competes in any competition, Slump Wax does, and wins.

Yep, yep. Get Slumped.

PT Rothschild

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