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The demand for pre-filled cannabis vapor cartridges has never been greater. The convenience and efficiency of having access to medicine at a moments notice is a very efficient way of consuming cannabis.

The desired medicinal compounds are stripped of the plant material using a solvent such as co2 or hydrocarbon based solvent such as butane or propane. The resulting oil that occurs from this process is transferred to a coiled cartridge, which is then connected to a battery and administered in the same manner as an electronic cigarette.

Companies that are producing these extracts have taken on a variety of methods to improve the taste, efficiency, and potency of their oils. Some have chosen to keep things simple while others however have chosen to use highly refined practices that have indeed taken the vapor market to another level.

Among them is Spliffin vapor products. A company born in Southern California that now serves patients throughout the entire state. The company launched in September 2014 and has quickly grown in that short period of time.

We had the wonderful opportunity of speaking with the people behind Spliffin to see what motivates them to produce such an amazing product:


 What brought you into the cannabis oil industry?

“The basis for Spliffin was conceived about 2 years ago. Vape pens have shown to be a convenient and effective method for consuming THC.  But safety and potency standards are often overlooked, giving many people an unfavorable impression of vaping. Spliffin was formed to give patients access to the finest solvent-free concentrates and premium vaporizer hardware. It took us a good 10-12 months to build out the infrastructure and develop the iconic brand that is rapidly becoming the golden state’s leading concentrate provider.”


What sets you apart from other cannabis vapor products?

Our goal is to ensure Spliffin users receive their ideal levels of purity, potency, and overall sensory satisfaction. We combine the euphoric properties of artisanal cannabis with simplistic, health-conscious vaporizer technology. Beyond quality, sophistication, and craftsmanship, we’re building community and cultivating a lifestyle movement.

From a product standpoint- the consistency and effectiveness of our concentrates is unmatched. We’re fortunate to have Mel Frank, the globally renowned author often referred to as the Godfather of Marijuana, on our executive board. His leadership, experience, and insight are reflected in the unmatched quality of our concentrates. From an operational standpoint- we genuinely value patient / user feedback. We pride ourselves on customer service and take patient feedback into account as we continue to grow. Concentrate reformulations, hardware solutions, and accessory offerings have all been influenced by comments or concerns from patients and dispensaries.”

We understand your process is proprietary and it’s important to keep it that way. You can say as little or as much about the development of your oil.

“The majority of cannabis oils are crudely extracted with the use of harsh solvents. Aside from unpleasant taste and odor, improperly extracted concentrates can contain lingering amounts of chemicals and heavy metals that pose multiple potential health risks.

Spliffin concentrates are derived from locally grown California varieties free of pesticides, herbicides, and Plant Growth Regulators. Our concentrates are produced through a state-of-the-art manufacturing process that extracts and condenses marijuana’s psychoactive and medicinally active elements into a concentrated resin.

After harvesting, our cannabis undergoes a complex, winterized extraction process to eliminate fats and waxes. Extraction is followed by a secondary refinement process in a pharmaceutical-grade laboratory to further remove residual fats, lipids and any other impurities. Each batch is carefully examined to ensure it meets our own internal quality standards before being released for patient use.

Independent, third-party laboratories such as SC Labs in Santa Cruz, California, and Steep Hill in Berkeley, California, also routinely certify the safety and potency of our products.”

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Has working in the cannabis industry affected you or changed you in anyway?

“It definitely has. The current climate is much more conducive to open dialogue. Now we can openly engage with patients and providers that genuinely care about these products and the lives they touch.

Of course, there are still huge challenges and risks tied to operating in this industry. But it’s inspiring to see how much progress has been made over the past few years. It’s refreshing to see how public perception is changing and more people are beginning to experience the many positives aspects of clean cannabis products. We’re excited about what lies ahead as our industry continues to evolve.”


Is there anything that motivates you to continue your work?

“Growth and popularity are huge motivators, but it’s the patient feedback that keeps moving us forward. Enthusiastic phone calls and emails of appreciation from patients all across the state let us know we’re onto something special.”


Is there anything you would like to say to the patients.

“It’s helpful to know if we’re following through on our mission or if there is something we should think about doing differently.

We love to hear from patients that use, or are considering using our products. Spliffin is made for people to enjoy and to improve the quality of life.”


We would like to thank the people down at Spliffin for all their time, kind words, and hard work. Be sure to keep an eye out for Spliffin vapor products. They are truly a prime example of dedication to quality cannabis products made to meet the strictest purity and potency standards.

For more information on Spliffin, you can always check out their website at:




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