At the September 420Nurses Grand Opening, origins photographer Jessica Lux was there, amidst all the hoopla of patients, nurses, and pot participants.

Grand opening early crowd

Jessica seems to me as having been at Occupy LA or perhaps one of the other Occupy sites, but we officially linked up at the LA Normal Fundraiser of January, 2013 when she stopped, talked a few moments and bought a signed copy of Memoirs. As one of the voices ‘that got it’ in people talked to, as I tend to do at functions in weeding through the crowd [pun intended], Jessica was astute in political cause dynamics. However, being aware of the need to shoot some promo shots concerning my just released Memoirs, it was her expertise as a photographer that really caught my attention.

LA NORML-We Can Work It Out Music & Comedy 1-19-2013 (325) 4x6

Leaving the book table to my able-bodied book editor, Jessica and I rounded up two 420Nurses to model the shot I had in mind. I quickly explained what I saw and she knew in an instant how to crop the shot. I posed the girls with my wares showcased by them, and Jessica snapped it. Also a patient, Jessica was representative of the real people involved in the struggle for cannabis against perceived disinformation from evil seeds like Paul Chabot.

As it turned out, though I was lucky enough to receive photos from 3 photographers, enough to tell the story for the Calendar, Jessica had captured the shot for my mental ad campaign. Remember also that at this time I was just another guy with a pot book out to the 420Nurses. It would be another 36 hours before the two models pictured crossed my and long time friend, AJ’s paths at a Kevin Smith Comedy Show later, cementing a connection.

I contacted Jessica by email and told her the shot was perfect, a one-take wonder, something required when you’re flying by the seat of your pants, especially stoned. The next thing to do was laying in the text and after that, seeking to contact the nurses involved since both are stunning in appearance. Luckily having run into them both at the Kevin Smith show broke the ice. When I emailed them with the reason for cropping the shot as I did, they were both very happy to have been featured in the shot, which I thought was ‘jolly good show’ for all you ‘wankers’ out there.

Next was the work of creating a show-stopping flyer book promo. After running through a few slogans, the naturally feminine ‘Nurse Approved’ seemed a legit counterpart to ‘Doctor Recommended’. The ever artistic Nice Day Vince, aka Alex Monk was called in for the technical chops to turn my concept into a stunning eye-catcher, now a rare collector’s item. On September 28th, Jessica got the first glimpse of her handiwork. She posted this pic to her facebook,

Author flyer photo Jessica Lux at 420nurses GO

And had these kind words to say:

“I took the photo on the bottom left at the January 2013 “We Can Work It Out” L.A. NORML music and comedy festival at the Ukranian Cultural Center. _Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green_ is a great read. Can you tell how happy I was to find the flyer at the #420nurses social? #iLove420nurses Thanks for a wonderful Sunday afternoon in the #sfv — with Solidarity Ribbon and PT Rothschild.”

If there is any magic to Memoirs, it comes from the genuine efforts of those bearing witness to the truth – PT Rothschild

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