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    Long ago when writing on the 420Nurses, I realized that the story wasn’t that they were sexy or had a catchy brand name – 420Nurses. The real story was what you didn’t see, and that was heart. It is a no-brainer to rep CBDs, or anything marijuana friendly, even as a patient [which they are

  • CBD Dinner Series Starts

    CBD Dinner Series Starts0

    Recently on the TV show Shark Tank, a man got backing worth millions to sell his family’s secret formula miracle medicine for pain. The main ingredient – CBD CBD is the new buzz word in the cannabis field because it is the side of cannabis that provides no buzz, or mind expansion effect. CBD can

  • Zodiac Strains for February 2019

    Zodiac Strains for February 20190

    This month starts off with Venus entering earthy, stable Capricorn on February 3rd. Venus is not at her best in Capricorn; poor timing during the month of L-O-V-E. However, with Mars moving into Taurus on February 10th, we stand to reap a garden of earthly delights. The theme for February: Super Freaky. A new moon

  • Bimlilife products

    Bimlilife products0

    Bimlilife products start with a proprietary phytocannabinoid rich Industrialized Hemp plant grown here in the United States  Controlling the entire growing and manufacturing process allows us to provide you with a quality organic product with a potency in the range of 70-85%.  A minimal amount of THC is present in the Raw C-B-D Oil when

  • Zodiac Strains for January 2019

    Zodiac Strains for January 20190

      The New Year blasts off with not one, but two eclipses—a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn at the New Moon on January 5, and a total lunar eclipse in Leo at the Full Moon on January 21. Eclipse energy can be unpredictable. It shakes things up, but always with a purpose, an opportunity for

  • Medical Marijuana Patients Stop Or Reduce Pharmaceutical Use With Cannabis

    Medical Marijuana Patients Stop Or Reduce Pharmaceutical Use With Cannabis0

    Medical marijuana patients generally have more faith in cannabis than the mainstream health care system—and that’s probably because they’ve found the plant more therapeutically effective compared to traditional pharmaceuticals. Researchers distributed about 400 surveys to medical cannabis patients at a pro-reform public event, inquiring about their usage and attitudes toward the U.S. health care system.


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