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On April 2, 2016 San Diego hosted it’s first cannabis themed farmers market, an event hosted by the kind people of The Honey Flower Collective and it’s various sponsors in an effort to bring a greater sense of camaraderie to the local cannabis community. The event was held within a secret location where both vendors, advocates, and educators alike gathered together to offer quality products and information for patients to enjoy.

We spoke with the people behind the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market to find out more about this much needed event.

When did this project first take form?

“We originally thought of this in early 2015, since then we’ve been actively trying to bring this structure to the local cannabis community but due to the many issues surrounding current San Diego cannabis regulations it has been a rather difficult challenge. It took us time but we’ve finally produced a proper platform in which we can present this wonderful event.”

What first inspired it’s creation?

“In addition to being a collective, we also provide a service in which we can offer safe access to cannabis friendly venues. We’ve covered a wide variety of events such as jazz festivals and reggae concerts, we’ve also covered events that we wouldn’t have even expected to be enthusiastic or even in need of safe access to medical cannabis products. We often received requests from patients who needed very specific ratios, quantities, and items that our mobile venue simply couldn’t provide. We decided to couple our knowledge of event planning with this obvious need for safe access in our local area, and so we developed a platform that would allow patients and cannabis community members direct access to growers, vendors, and educators who could bridge the gap between supply and demand for safe access to medical cannabis.”

How has the local cannabis community reacted to the concept of a cannabis farmers market?

“We’ve received a ton of positive feed back from nearly all walks of life and we hope that it’ll continue as we move on to cover more venues and include more extraordinary members into the Cannabis Farmers Market’s development.”

Is there anything you would like to say to the readers?

“We’d like to encourage the local cannabis community to come out in support this wonderful event. We’ll be holding additional events at various other locations as we move forward. We hope to have more amazing turnouts that will increase as we receive greater encouragement.”

The Cannabis Farmers Market will be taking place at additional locations as time goes by. We’d like to thank The Honey Flower Collective for taking the time to chat with us about their wonderful events. For more information on the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market you can visit the site at

Photos by : Rj Lacerna Sangco

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