For everyone watching TV [I don’t], if this didn’t get aired, here’s the rest of the story, but light one up, too, you’re gonna need it.

Mothership glass crop circle aerial shot

Several days ago over in England, this crop circle appeared. You can see just how large it is from this aerial shot. You might also notice that the design is quite intricate. The actual pattern, for those unaware, is from a cannabis glass company, maker of some of the world’s most expensive works.

As you can see from the picture below, the two designs are almost identical. Please also bear in mind that this, like all crop circles, seems to have appeared overnight. Crop circle glass blades are also bent at a 90° with no stress to the molecular structure.

mothership glass crop circle two shot

Notice also that the crop circle doesn’t have its lettering in English, though the letter placement in relation is pretty much the same. Also the background net mesh seems to reveal a pattern seen before.

mothership glass crop circle translated

Translated, the letters do match up their English counterparts almost exactly.

Here we reveal the overall hidden sacred geometry.

mothership glass crop circle sacred geometry

At present, Weedmaps, who broke the story last week nor anyone else, has a clue as to just what this could possibly mean. However, the main premise of Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green is that cannabis isn’t from the earth, it was brought here from the stars. Indigenous tribes in various locations around the world say the same thing in their legends.

Memoirs not only predicted the present day conflict concerning cannabis fighting with marijuana, but also that we will win this battle of greed though we face a Goliath of power.

Memoirs back book cover010Amazon, [spoken word, author recorded]

As it reveals in Chapter 20 [see blogs archives,] the reason we will prevail is Divine Intervention, aka, why we all have THC receptors, regardless of race, gender, station, or location of birth.

Although this news is great for moral, especially in the wake of Obama signing the DARK ACT, it is only news that our side has been enjoined in a way to even the battlefield. We, the foot soldiers, still have a hard fight ahead of us to keep California homegrown and medical only, until the next election cycle and the correct type of cannabis legalization, not marijuana regulation. Pot is not like alcohol and should never be treated as such. No on Prop 64.

PT Rothschild

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