Cannabis and Cancer, a 420Nurses report from Abbysis:

Everyone knows what cancer is right? Cause you may know someone with it and you may know how horrible it can be on a person or a family, but do you really know what Cancer is? Biologically speaking I mean. Cancer is a word that is heard every day in this world but many people do not know what it actually is, on a cellular level.

First I need to explain something about biology. Cells divide and they grow and this is what they are supposed to do, but another thing cells are supposed to do is kill themselves. No, literally, a cell has to kill itself in order to be a normal, functional cell. Have you ever wondered why some people have skin between their fingers and toes? This is because those cells were never told to kill themselves. As part of growing, in utero areas of your body, cells have to stop growing and need to die in order to become the body part they are programmed to be. It is normal for a cell to stop growing and to die, it is not normal for cells to keep replicating, growing, and never die.

420 and cell growth pic

Cells have to die and this process is called apoptosis. It is a critical part of growth. The difference between a cancer cell and a normal cell lay in its ability to die at the correct moment. A cancer cell just keeps growing, replicating and growing some more so they never die. A tumor is just a mass of cells that never died and do not have the program to die.

Another issue with cancer is Chemotherapy. Most people think Chemotherapy is the cure and that it goes straight for the cancer cell meanwhile keeping the other cells healthy. This is just not true.

This is how Chemotherapy works; it uses cytotoxic antineoplastic chemicals to kill cells that divide rapidly as this is one marker of a cancer cell. Unfortunately a lot of cells divide rapidly including your immune system cells and hair follicles. Another misfortune of chemotherapy is that it also is used with radiation treatment and surgery to decrease the likelihood metastasis and remission.

I feel like chemotherapy is over used though as it is not only the cancer treatment go-to but is also used to treat diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, psoriasis, lupus and many more. My late sister even had to go through Chemotherapy in High School because they had no clue what was wrong with her and hell this might help. She had to stop Cheerleading because she was losing her hair, losing her bone strength, vomiting constantly and injuring herself more often. There wasn’t a definitive answer for what wrong with her so Chemotherapy was the best route?

Now here is the real cure. Rick Simpson Oil, if you haven’t heard of it you will, because it is proving to be the best therapy for those with Cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s, Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety, Psoriasis, Lupus, IBS, and many more because of how RSO works.

Rick Simpson Oil is an extremely potent and sedative purified rick simpson picdecarboxylated cannabis resin with 95-98% THC. It should also contain higher levels of the cannabinoid CBD or Cannabidiol. The amazing property of Rick Simpson Oil with Tetrahydrocannabinol and Cannabidiol is the ability for these cannabinoids to tell a Cancer cell to kill itself. It restores the base function of a cell and not only does it specifically target the Cancer cells but it also doesn’t harm your other body cells.

Imagine a cure that can kill the cancer only and leave you with your same immune system cells. Now people don’t have to die from trying to fight off a common cold after being treated with chemotherapy because they haven’t had to restart their immune system. This world is full of ever-evolving bacteria and parasites; and it may not be the main disease that will harm you the most but rather the lack of a sufficient immune system. Most AIDS patients die from pneumonia just because their immune system couldn’t fight it off.

If ever you or your family is faced with the heartache of hearing those famous words “You have Cancer” now you know where to turn. Phoenix Tears/Rick Simpson Oil is helping worldwide for those who can produce and use it. We just have to get involved with our government and tell them we have found our cure and it is not made in a pharmaceutical lab but rather comes from good ole Mother Nature.

420 and the way pot kills cancer

PT Rothschild

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  • Cancer Cure Hemp Oil – Rick Simpson
    July 17, 2014, 3:19 am

    Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil Medicine: Natural Cure For Cancer Using Concentrated Cannabis Oil

    Welcome to Global Green Dispensary:
    Oil Cure s Arthritis! Snoring! Diarrhea! Acne! Diabetes! Removes warts! Migraines! Lose weight! Alcoholism! Glaucoma!
    IT CURES CANCER! All forms of cancer!

    And all without any detrimental effects whatsoever!

    Add to the extravagant medical claims, the additional accusation that you can’t get this treatment because of a conspiracy by Big Pharma and greedy, grasping doctors who want people to suffer so they can charge them lots of money to fix them with agonizing tortures that don’t work.

    High Quality cancer cannabis oil and top shelf marijuana for patients with illness like cancer,pain,insomnia,anxiety,liver problem,epilepsy and more.

    • karen@Cancer Cure Hemp Oil – Rick Simpson
      August 20, 2015, 9:38 am

      Indeed I never new cannabis oil could cure cancer i thought it was the end of the road for me until i met with a friend {Karen} who introduced me to these sellers of Cannabis Oil. His name is Dr Okafor And his Email:{[email protected]} I bought from them it was pretty expensive but had no option and don’t want to loose my life just because of money cause it turned out to be what i was looking for all long, a week after buying the CBS oil it was like a reborn for me. for purchase or sales partner contact Cannabis Oil {[email protected]} or Call +2348103508204

    • Hello,
      are you suffering from insomnia,anxiety,,pains,cancer,nausea, stress, depression, appetite loss just to name a few.We are here with A grade top shelf medical/recreational marijuana,wax,shatter cannabis oil and other concentrates with high level THC for both patients and users.
      we have been cultivating our medical marijuana and extracting it’s bi-products respecting the highest traditional cultivating standards, using the finest ingredients expertly chosen by our master farmers, all over USA, Canada, Europe,Africa and the UK.
      Our Medical marijuana’s unique crisp flavor is enjoyed and recognized as the perfect ingredient for health cure and smoking pleasure.For more info,
      visit our website at

      Email : [email protected]

      Phone : +1 702- 483-1633

  • Sandicline
    December 28, 2014, 1:13 pm

    My name is Sandicline Vincent, I live Belgium. I was diagnosed of stomach cancer and i have done many chemotherapy and it did not work, the cancer keeps returning. My brother who works in the clinic told me about cannabis oil and its curing effect. I purchased the cannabis oil from London by emailing [email protected] and they gave me instructions on how to use the cannabis oil for the treatment of stomach cancer. After using the oil for the duration of time given, I was totally free from cancer but i was advised to take the oil continously to maintain good health and reduce high blood pressure. I am so happy now that i am free from cancer and if you are suffering from cancer, cannabis oil is the only natural remedy to cancer.

  • Lara Freddy
    January 17, 2015, 10:06 am

    Type 2 diabetes cured with cannabis oil

    I am a type 2 diabetic and I was not diagnosed until last year at the age of 35 when I was admitted into the hospital for diabetic ketoacidosis. I knew something was wrong because my parents are type 2 as well as my grandmother before she died of diabetes. so I am familiar with the disease. I understand how you feel Its like your body is betraying you and there is nothing you can do about it. But believe me they feel the exact same way. Not everyone who is type 2 asked for it by choosing a bad life style some got it during pregnancy and it didn’t leave like my mother and some inherit it from their father. At the end of the day Nobody ask for this disease yeah some could have prevented it but at the end of the day they still have the same issues as we do. I’m a person who didn’t know and i’m still alive after using the cannabis oil for treatment. I heard about the cannabis oil for cure and i purchase the cannabis oil from London Cancer centre after contacting the centre via [email protected] and i was given the instructions on how to use it and after using using the cannabis oil for the stipulated time as instructed by the centre, i was really cure and free from diabetes.

    Lara Freddy

  • olson Gilbert
    February 26, 2015, 10:54 pm

    Hello Mr. Rick Simpson,

    Am very honoured to inform you that I have been total cured of my lungs cancer with appreciation to the motivation you gave to me even when I was told by my doctor I had only 6 months to live before my lungs cancer will strike me out of this beautiful universal which I have accumulated so much resources to last me and my family for enternity.

    After reading the cancer cannabis oil miracle cure in the clinic where I was admitted, I had to contact Mr. Rick Simpson on his email: [email protected] in order to secure the medication and with fast responses from them, I eventually made order for the medication which arrive within 3 days of order.
    I started treatment and implementing every instructions along with diet I was place on, I started noticing almost instant results! It’s been 106 days and my lungs cancer is finally under control, no matter what I eat or do with my life, I have been verified that my lungs cancer has been cured by 7 Hospitals here in the State. email: [email protected]

    My doctor along side with Nurses have been totally confused on how I beat my cancer in 106 days, I have fully recovered and I am now a free agent from cancer of the lungs, and it’s all thanks to Mr. Rick Simpson.
    email: [email protected]

    Thank you, I am forever grateful.

  • Susan Hudson
    March 6, 2015, 5:04 pm


    Hi, My husband was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of the appendix, which is a rare cancer and very hard to diagnose if your Dr. is not familiar with it, which many are not. I have also read that ovarian cancer many times starts with this cancer and spreads to the ovaries and is misdiagnosed. This is one of the reasons I’m telling his story because I want women to know this. His cancer is also called mucinosis peritoneal cancer of the appendix. He started having pain in his upper right side. He went to the ER and they said he had some kind of lung infection. They gave him antibiotics and sent him home. Well, he took the antibiotics and his pain was getting worst. He went back to the ER and they gave him another diagnosis and sent him home again with another medication to take. Well it wasn’t long this time before he went back and this time they finally took xray’s and said he had pneumonia and put him in the hospital. They ran a cat scan and the doctor saw something peculiar on the film. They did exploratory surgery and when they opened him up all this mucus came pouring out of his abdomen. His appendix had ruptured and their was only the outside core of it left. The mucinosis adenocarcinma of the appendix. His stomach had been bloated for a long time and tight. We all just thought he was overweight but it was the cancer spewing this mucus all inside his belly. The doctors have never heard of this cancer before. So he was scheduled for surgery in Richmond. He had surgery and it was too late after we found out he shouldn’t have had it until another treatment had been performed called heated in-peritoneal chemo. This is a treatment for this type of cancer where they heat several types of chemo to a high temp. and open your abdomen up and pour it inside and roll it around all the organs. This is done also after what they call debunking( removal of tumors) The Dr has to be careful not to spill any blood because in the blood are these cancer cells that if any unaffected part of your body is touched by the blood a tumor will grow. So after much research done, i came came across cannabis oil treatment for cancer and we were desperate to try anything to save his life. We bought the cannabis oil from London cancer centre via [email protected] and we were given prescription on how to use the oil to treat Adenocarcinoma of the appendix. After using this oil for few weeks, there was great changes and the cancer was totally cured after using the oil for the duration as instructed by the centre.

    Susan Hudson


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