At last weekend’s High Times Cannabis Cup, well-known cannabis activist, Richard Eastman, stopped by the California Cannabis Coalition booth. We were on the right grid corner as you can see in these pictures below. It was a happening spot.

Cannabis Cup 4-16-2016 116

Cannabis Cup 4-16-2016 121

Cannabis Cup 4-16-2016 132

Cannabis Cup 4-16-2016 122

Cannabis Cup 4-16-2016 138

Cannabis Cup 4-16-2016 133

Cannabis Cup 4-16-2016 118



Cannabis Cup 4-16-2016 120

However, the burning question on everyone’s mind in this upcoming fight for patients over profits was, is Richard Eastman another Lanny Swerdlow? After all, they are both gay as fuck, and Richard is the first person to tell you that, so the question was, could the sellout be influenced by sexual preference or be purely greed and ego?

lanny swerdlow RN and cannabis selloutErgo, Richard Eastman answered the question as we, he and I, sat there and smoked one of his joints with Patrick Rohde, someone else I hadn’t seen since The Tree House was happening up in LA. It was so cool, so LA.

Richard informed me from just returning back to Southern California what the skinny is up north before getting out to Philly for the Dem Nation Convention.

In summation, this is what he said.

"No on AUMA"

“No on AUMA”

There is a coming civil war over the enslavement of cannabis. The northern growers are worried because they see the coming storm and wonder if there is any cavalry in the South to help with the push back against the state/Parker sponsored AUMA initiative. Richard had come to the Cannabis Cup looking for an answer and help. Then he saw me in my 420Nurses cap, and he knew.

To be continued…

PS: Below is a picture from my last birthday party up in LA. The cousin sitting third over from me is a PhD Professor at UC Santa Barbara. I’m proud as fuck of him. Always have been.


Now I can say the same thing of Richard Eastman. You may be an alien but you’re for the correct thing. So, er, you’re one of the ‘good greys’?

PT Rothschild

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