Rest in Peace, Jeff Clark

Rest in Peace, Jeff Clark

Freedom fighter Jeffery Clark Jeff Clark has passed away. Jeff died quietly in no pain and at peace, at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield CA, on January 9, 2016, at 12:30 am. Jeff (always barefoot!) devoted his entire life to fighting against the unjust, immoral notion of cannabis prohibition. He founded the California Clemency Project and worked tirelessly to free those unjustly imprisoned and branded by their marijuana convictions. As a veteran, Jeff knew all too well how the federal government could crush the little guy. I had the honor of working with Jeff for the California Cannabis Hemp Health Initiative (Jack Herer initiative), at LA NORML, and at Occupy Los Angeles. Jeff was a natural at social media and a talented illustrator who helped produce and promote so many events.


From Jeff’s daughter Amy Nelson on facebook yesterday morning:

He’s gone

🙁 I don’t know how to feel !! I’m so lost but I’m tying to stay strong !!!

his celebration of life will be February 26th . Tie dye shirts mandatory , no black !!


From one of Jeff’s close friends

He wrote, “Jerry died.” We knew so many Jeff’s that Jeff Clark became “Jerry” after he bought and revived Jerry Garcia’s guitar van from the property in Sebastopol where Steve Parish had left it. You were such a force of nature, Jeff. Rest in peace.


From friend Sonjia Miles


Jeff died quietly, in no pain and at peace, at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield CA, on January 9, 2016, at 12:30 am this morning.

He used to go to the Centerville Theater in Fremont CA back in the day too, that is where I first met him. I was 12 years old at that point but had been going since I was 9 1/2. Thanks to Bill I used to get into the shows for free! It was a place where the ‘Grateful Dead’ would play, and the ‘Mothers of Invention’, along with other outstanding rock and roll bands. Where Bill Graham had the ‘Family Dog’. Along with the ‘Brother Hood Of Light’ which would do their light shows there, before Chet Helm’s came onto the scene. Jeff reminded me of that about a month ago about how long I had actually known him.

He was a “Little Bit” with the Merry Pranksters & traveled on the Further bus tour for the Acid Tests. He was the young chemist on board the bus with the ‘Merry Pranksters’, which distributed LSD across the nation when it was legal. Yep our beloved Jeff made it.

Damn it all another friend has left!


Jeff was an outstanding Activist /Advocate for the MMJ Cannabis Hemp cause. IN fact he gave his life to this sacred cause mostly voluntarily. He used to make sure that i would work at a booth and get me into many events for free. High Times Cups, Hemp Cups, MMJ Cups etc etc –He worked on the core with the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative. He believed in it as strongly as I do! I too work with the core but in a different capacity. He worked on PROP 215 down in the LA area. He was a friend to Jack Herer, He is a friend to many in this cause. He was my cherished friend for tens of years! I am totally heartbroken right now and am crying really hard. The best always seem to leave before the rest. <3

Jah Love–the Holy Hemptress [the original from SF CA circa 1975]

More info on  his celebration of life will be updated for now the ceremony will be February 26th . Tie dye shirts mandatory , no black !!

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