A second window of opportunity has opened for both patients (to help out stoners) and recreational stoners (to help themselves). Along the way we can honor the legend, without whom, none of us would be at this point. Comes this story from Summer Rain, a 420Nurses NEWS report.

California’s TRILLION DOLLAR Crop.

The most contested and by some standards, the most important battle to restore Cannabis to the world, is being fought now in California. Jack Herer’s CCHI2014 campaign launches its greatest effort yet to give the People of California fair, equal access to and benefit from the “New Trillion Dollar Crop”, CANNABIS.

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March 21st opens the 150 day window to qualify for the 2016 ballot and give the folks in CA something to really get excited about at the November ballot (and set precedent with “radical” legalization opening the door wider in every other place fighting the good fight).

The California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014 frees all pot prisoners, severely limits licensing fees, regulation and taxation, bans GMO Cannabis, defends and protects Herbalists every which way Jack could figure out how to in law. (Bless Jack – Ed)

And as you can imagine we’re getting hit from both left and right….it’s felt like the Alamo at moments thru this adventure. The Cannabis establishment in California used to tell Jack and is fond of telling us “oh yea, we like the ideas, sure…but the People of California aren’t ready for this “radical” approach.

We now have multiple mainstream polls showing the People of California are most definitely ready for fair and simple legislation concerning Cannabis. So it’s just those Pros at the DPA, NORML, ASA, HT, etc., that aren’t ready for Jack Herer’s Libertarian style Cannabis Law.

Oh, it’s like every other fight in American right now…the Cannabis 1%ers are trying to stack the law in their favor just like the bootleggers did in the last prohibition (losing us alcohol fuel for most of the last century).

Sign the CCHI petition today. As Jack Herer would say…Hemp Hemp Hooray!

PT Rothschild

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