Realm of Caring

Realm of Caring

Realm of Caring is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that was created to fill the needs of the many families and individuals who were making the journey to seek legal cannabinoid therapies for the various ailments and illnesses afflicting them. Originally and informally established by the Stanley Brothers (the developers of the Charlotte’s Web™ strain) as well as Paige Figi and Heather Jackson (The first two success stories using Charlotte’s Web™ medicine in 2012.) after receiving numerous requests from people around the world. They saw the need to establish a formal organization that would be responsible for providing informative and educational services, advocacy for this often misunderstood form of medicinal therapy, and even data collection of willing individuals who are already using cannabis products in order to provide better care for future cannabis healing efforts.

Since the formal development of the group in August 2013, some of it’s original founders have moved on to further aide the medical and legal progression of cannabis based therapeutics. However the Realm Of Caring Foundation is still progressing to assist and accommodate patients afflicted with such conditions as cancer, AIDS / HIV, epilepsy, MS, and many other illnesses. Currently the RoC operates in Colorado, California, and there is also a Realm of Caring Foundation established in Florida.

We had the opportunity of speaking with Ray, the director of the California RoC foundation to find out more about their efforts to assist needy patients.

What first inspired the creation of the California RoC?

“My daughter was diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a form of epilepsy that has affected her since early life. Conventional medicines were not working and she was having seizures on a daily basis. When the famous WEED documentary first aired on the CNN news network, I considered this form of therapy as a possible alternative. Soon after, I found myself traveling back and fourth to Colorado to find out more information. I also traveled out to various collectives in California in an effort to find something that was usable. Unfortunately, California collectives at the time didn’t have access to CBD rich strains, the knowledge and demand simply weren’t there and so I had very little access to CBD rich products. While researching and looking for leads, I came across the Stanley Brothers, and through them I learned about the Realm Of Caring Foundation. We also learned about the many people who were traveling or moving to Colorado to seek assistance and aide: the so-called “marijuana refugees”. For us, it was an option that simply couldn’t be done. Instead, I took several more trips to Colorado to further develop my relationships and eventually bring this informative and educational assistance group to California. In August of 2013, we formally established the California branch of the Realm Of Caring Foundation. What started as an effort to save my daughters life quickly grew into a movement to bring more attention to cannabis therapeutics. Soon after setting up our social media pages and asked questions about the subject of cannabis products for epilepsy, autism, and many other issues, it was almost overnight we received hundreds of responses in connection with treatment and therapies.”

What sort of services does the RoC assist with?

“The RoC is a non-profit organization that does not sell anything, rather we refer and direct people to several companies that have produced well-known and reliable cannabis products. We offer education, advocacy, and in some cases we offer training to qualified individuals. We also provide patient support systems and a call center with people who can assist with any general questions an individual may have. We have an Observational Research Registry program in which a patients therapy can be logged and used to aide in the treatment of others allowing us to expand on the network of education and healing with cannabis products. We hope this information will help in the future development of cannabinoid based medicines. In addition to that, 40% of the RoC patients are in pediatrics and in some cases under very heavy medication, and so we take great care in providing support and assistance with the treatment of the various illnesses afflicting them.


For those in need of legitimate help, Realm of Caring also offers a financial assistance program called “Realm Cares” which provides grants to qualified members who can’t afford their necessary cannabis medication at the beginning of every month.”

epiwalk2Is there anything you would like to say to the readers.

“We want to encourage people to continue the pursuit of progress when it comes to cannabis research, development, and medical application. We hope that this progression eventually leads to better methods and treatments for the many patients in need throughout the world.”

We would like thank Ray for taking the time to speak with us and for introducing us to this dedicated group. We also want to thank the Realm Of Caring Foundation for taking the time to contribute such efforts to further progress cannabis research and treatment. For more information on the Realm of Caring foundation, you can visit their website at:

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