The 420nurses are poised on the cusp in making a visual stand for Mary Jane as the country goes cannabis. 420nurses refer to medical pot so it is important to not relinquish ownership of that concept.

Today as marijuana goes mainstream, the gluttonous, the greedy, and the quacks all gallop toward Mary Jane as if she stands on a vacant lot with an oil well that is uninhabited. We are not seen being there by those with dollar signs before their eyes and our experience and individual artistry is discounted as zilch.

white privledge old man

As with people like Dr. Sanjay Gupta [lead pic], a most recent convert who spent the majority of his high profile career lambasting cannabis and toeing the party/government lie, he now endorses a company who partners with him. Cannabis treatment was built from people making products to help themselves; that is who healed and helped patients underground all these years.

Cannabis cures and products are now being ‘discovered’ by all these new entrepreneurs. The new money flowing in is trying to usurp and bulldoze all the products before, much like ISIS is destroying history so nothing will be left but their version. Though these are two different groups, one barbaric, one civilized, the motives are the same – control!

We can’t and don’t have to fight ISIS. We can’t and don’t have to fight Washington, D.C. Our fight for Mary Jane has come to us in the state where it all came undone, California, the state that first made cannabis illegal. It started here and it ends here.

The seeds of disruption are being sown by those who would drive us all within the cause to fight among ourselves. The organizations fight for membership like religious churches. The 420nurses are a business and a cause, not a business from a cause. Join the Navy, see the world; join the 420nurses, save the world, starting with California.

420 and Ace protest in Long Beach 2 shot

So you may be wondering as you adjust your cap, tote bag, and cape, just where do I go to meet the rest of the Justice League. That’s the ‘secret identity’ part. Now that you know the downlow, it’s the business side you concentrate on. Remember, every time you step out the door as a 420nurse you represent the whole group to everyone you see. Like pot, your value has been seen only within the circle you represent, the patients.

However, now you see the stigma to pot and cannabis are melting away like fog in the daylight. If you see an opportunity to ‘girl scout’ someone while in gear, smile but don’t ham it up. The world is watching, and sniffing the smoke to find the fire.

When the gong strikes 4:20 in California, like in ‘V’, you will know as people pour into the streets and freedom rings for everyone, especially Mary Jane.

PT Rothschild

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