R & R : Rosin and Relaxation

R & R : Rosin and Relaxation

The growing demand for high potency cannabis extracts has also produced a growing interest and concern for the ways they are produced or refined. The process typically involves the use of a solvent such as butane, propane, co2, alcohol, and a list of many other products that can be used to extract the vital components from cannabis. The potential for containments, the cost of equipment, or the simple sensitivity to some of these solvents has driven people to search for a new method of extraction.

Enter Rosin Tech:

dabber dan rosin 1

Various examples of pressed rosin. (1) Lemon Larry OG, (2) Sour OG, (3) Trinity, (4) Durban Poison. Photo by: Dabber Dan

A technique that was popularized by the cannabis advocate Soilgrown Sal. Many people are quickly turning on to this method of using simple heat and pressure to squeeze out the sticky cannabinoid substance between a sheet of parchment paper where it is then collected and used in the same manner as any other cannabis concentrate. This process has become extremely popular with patients because it makes use of no solvents and thus does not contain any of the potential contaminates and risks associated with improper solvent based extraction.

The process also makes use of simple equipment. Many people produce amazing rosin using nothing more then a hair straightener. Others have incorporated things like T-shirt presses to allow for bigger extractions. However there are several companies working to produce equipment that is geared towards the larger scale production of rosin. One such company is the Rosinator. A press that uses hydraulic pressure plates to perform the extraction.  We managed to sit with the producer of this machine to find out a little more about the emerging rosin industry.

What brought you into the rosin industry?

“I remember watching The Death of BHO videos and becoming so inspired by the idea that I stayed up for hours into the early morning drawing and taking notes. From that moment it’s been a non-stop developing process with some very synchronous ups and downs. “

Can you tell us about the Rosinator?

  “The Rosinator is manufactured by an over 30 year leader in the hydraulic press industry. This has helped to give the added quality and reliability that only an experienced craftsman could impart. Extensively testing various plate ideas, pressures, and their subsequent yields played a big part in the development of the final design.”

 Is there anything you would like to say about the rosin industry as a whole?

“The future of rosin tech is an evolving one. I’ve learned through both my own discoveries and others experiences that this is a process we are only beginning to understand. As the techniques and technology continue to develop we will uncover more about the physics behind what we are doing.”

dabber dan rosin 2- press

Prototype version of the Rosinator Solventless Oil Extractor. Photo by: Dabber Dan


As the demand for better quality cannabis increases. So will the demand for high purity extracts. For many who prefer the use of cannabis concentrates, the need for regulation and materials free of unwanted debris, pesticides, and residuals will also drive the industry forward. The production of rosin is a welcome change in the cannabis industry due to it’s simplicity, effectiveness, and end results. As of now there are several more amazing companies on the path to producing more products for this emerging extraction industry.

We would like to thank Soilgrown Sal for his role in bringing safe concentrates to a new variety of patients and for taking the time to chat with us. We asked if he had any advise to share for the patients interested in rosin:

“If your interested in making concentrates for yourself. There are many great choices out there. Rosin Tech is a great first option though, it is among the simplest and safest methods available and can produce some amazing results. Oh, and if the hash don’t melt, press it out.”

We would also like to thank Dabber Dan from Rosinator for taking the time to educate us about this emerging industry. For more information on rosin and Rosin Tech, you can always check out the various forums and companies that are currently on the path to perfecting this art.

dabber dan- rosin 3 pressed paper

Freshly pressed nugs waiting to be separated. The rosin is then collected from the parchment paper. Photo by: Dabber Dan



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