Today as many medical marijuana patients arise to take their first medication, as I am doing now, in a morning celebration known to insiders as a ‘wake ‘n’ bake’, it is a special day. This is the first day of #420PatientsOverProfits as President Donald Trump puts Sean Parker and the rest of the pot posers for profit out, like yesterday’s newspaper. So start the hashtag rolling!!

As E420 editor Summer Rain [above] asked in her concern about the new president’s policy on pot given his choice of Jeff Sessions, a die-hard, staunch Christian, anti-pot champion for Attorney General. She was rightly so to wonder; however, as explained more fully in Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green, MJG has a Tom Brady side to her.

How did the biggest deficit, including the Super Bowl come-from-behind win in the first ever overtime happen to a plant and the ailing people it helps?

It starts from two things, an article that appeared here announcing that the Jewish State of Israel had found cannabis kosher last Easter time and President Trump’s handsome son-in-law, who is Jewish, connected, and a mover & shaker in his own right, Jared Kushner, pictured below with Ivanka Trump.

So far President Donald Trump has both thrilled and pissed off people by not being a hack politician. It is rumored [Rosey O’Donald] that The Don’s youngest has a touch of autism. That explains his appointment of Robert Kennedy Jr. to investigate vaccines and the mercury connection. The CDC was raided by the FBI in an early morning raid several days ago. The 7th floor of the State Dept. known as The Untouchables have been let go from the government. In response to Pizzagate, there have been hundreds of [low level] arrests of child/sex traffickers and the FBI held a super secret meeting in a DC building basement to tell certain people the information the Russians really have. The TPP is dead in the water. Only bits and pieces of the aforementioned news has been seen in the fake-is-real mainstream media.

As predicted here at E420, all hell is breaking loose as Trump is striking at the source behind the move to globalize, depopulate, experiment, and own Mary Jane in America.

This breaking news written while listening to Soul Man [live, Blues Brothers at Universal Studios, 1992] and dancing on my editor’s desk like Snoopy on his doghouse roof, in my mind, of course.

PT Rothschild

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