For those who thought they wouldn’t have to worry about MMJ rights until 2016, the recently introduced AB 266 changes all that.

Please follow this link to read all the stipulations and bureaucratic red tape, added government bloat of more agencies and product profit to pay for it, and logical questions, comments added in red to call your attention in case you nodded off.

If you have listened to what Bernie Sanders says, it is this. To turn this country around is going to require us all. And it’s more than just video taping the police. This effort requires us all because what is taking place concerns us all. In many areas the government is making an assault upon all people’s rights dealing with food, vacs, and now this, a move to remove the question of pot legality from the 2016 ballot by legislating it into nether-land before the 2016 elections and cannabis initiatives are filed.

Here’s what you do and remember, you don’t have to be registered to vote to intimidate an elected official. They work for you because you pay them. They don’t pay you to spend your money. But always be civil.

Go to the CA state site and track the bill. Find who is next to vote on it. Place a call to the appropriate office of the representative, and say these simple words:

“Hello, I’m calling in reference to ‘blank’s vote’ on AB 266. I represent a bloc of patients and if ‘blank’ votes YES on this horrible bill, we, as a group, will PRIMARY him or her. Thank you.”

Your individual assistance is needed to stop this vested interest to once again harass legal medical patients who have done nothing but follow the law, a law the people of the State voted in. In the arena of Patriotism as it flaunts itself masked in self-deduced justice, it shows how hollow rules voted upon are to those who would command respect through the use of arms, the status quo. Like Mission Impossible, there will be no further communication. Good Luck.

White men selling weed

BTW, the use of the term ‘We will primary you‘ is a political buzzword that shows you are a savvy inside voter by use of ‘insider slang’. Bet you never thought crusty old ‘white people’ could have their own slang, did you?

PT Rothschild

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