Product Review : Nectar Stick

Product Review : Nectar Stick

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Written on Saturday, July 30, 2016


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So last night I went to the Friday night sesh at the 420Nurses Headquarters. That evening I purchased a couple of products including a premium quality solvent-free disposable vaporizer pen called Nectar Stick made by the company Edible Medibles.

The runners of the booth selling Nectar Stick greeted me with smiles. They were confident in their product and insisted that I would like it. Rated at approximately 91% THC concentrate, it better be good.

I have used the product a few times since I purchased it, and this was a first time buy. While I write to you I am feeling the effects of the lemon haze sativa from this Nectar Stick.

I took only 6 hits tonight, and although I am a small person, I have high tolerance for cannabis, so 6 hits means I didn’t have to take much in order to feel the way I do. After those hits music seemed to be more alive even though it was a mix of EDM and 80s dance tracks (please lol…I’m a metalhead…I prefer heavy music and can’t stand the lite ‘n’ pointless shit lol…stores should have jukeboxes, and whoever puts money in it should be able to get whatever music they want to play in the house, but that’s off-topic).

Well it seemed to me that many sounds became more audible than ever. The sound of a motorcycle and the sound of a cart became more apparent to me.

I am glad that this product works as a lemon haze is supposed to work, and that it is as potent as it is. It is definitely uplifting and energetic.

The only drawback (pardon this pun!) to this product is that I have to hit it really hard, and since I have sensitive lungs I have grown used to hitting things lightly.

Even its sleek packaging is impressive. The yellow and black cardboard box has a logo of bee on it and also an astronaut character holding a flag that says “PURE” on it. It seems rather cute to me but at the same time space age-y and nerdy which I am totally cool with!

I would definitely buy this again. It really helps for people like me who cannot smoke due to breathing/allergy issues. The fact that Nectar Stick is potent means that not much is needed in order to receive the therapeutic effect.

You can check out Elevated Medibles at . They have Instagram at #ElevatedMedibles and #NectarStick as well as a Facebook page at



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