Premium Quality Nectar Stick

Premium Quality Nectar Stick


The evolution of cannabis extracts continues to progress and with it comes new approaches to the way they are are viewed, consumed, and enjoyed. Some companies have chosen to preserve traditional methods while others have employed cutting edge technologies that further advance their end product to a higher standard. Among the many who are extracting and refining the various derivatives needed for cannabis therapeutics, there is one multi-award winning company that is truly standing out.

Nectar Stick is a California based company specializing in a variety of cannabis oils that push the boundaries of current production methods. Their signature product is made using a proprietary extraction process that begins with supercritical co2 and advanced distillation methods such as microwave hydrodifussion and gravity which further separate the essential cannabis compounds. The raw materials are carefully processed in multiple stages to ensure a clean and efficient extraction. The end result of this extensive and detailed refinement process is a golden-translucent extract that is unique, enjoyable, extremely potent, and free of unwanted mold, debris, pesticides, or solvents.

Each individual Nectar Stick is filled with a precisely measured gram of solvent-free extract contained within a syringe type devise. The properly numbered markings allow for consistent doses and they are available in many different flavor varieties. These extracts consistently test over 90% THC and due to their sheer cleanliness can be used for cooking, dabbing, or a variety of other cannabis consumption methods. For those who prefer the simplicity and discreetness of conventional vapor pens: batteries and pre-filled cartridges are available which contain a .6g of the same quality solvent-free extract.


We asked the people behind Nectar Stick what inspires the creation of these various cannabis products.

“We originally developed our skills alongside some of the most responsible and ethical extractors around, many of which are masters of their respective craft. We established our group in early 2014 with the idea of maintaining that same level of quality and integrity and have continued to evolve ever since. We work hand-in-hand with professional collectives and organizations such as Elevated Medibles, Nectar Farms, and Organic Growers United to ensure our products maintain the same quality and consistency they are known for.”


Any Plans for the near future?

“We will be expanding out to additional states such as Oregon, Arizona, and Nevada, with more to be announced as we continue to grow. We are also producing a line of CBD specific products that will be made available nationwide. In addition to that we are also producing newly refined extracts that are strain specific; containing the terpene profiles that are consistent with the original strains they are named after.

We would like to say thank you to Nectar Stick for their hard work and dedication to such amazing extract products. For more information on Nectar Sticks, you can check out their website at:



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