Though the title refers to the upcoming Green Mile cannabis rockathon, the NEWS has its secret meaning. Scoop!! [pot hottie paloosa]

Sweeping through the cannabis culture like a wild fire is the energy being released from the truthful realization about life with pot. Too numerous to mention, if you are here, you already know the deal and the NEWS doesn’t preach to the choir. We deliver sermons, and glad tidings.

First a little something about the Green Mile event, then the glad tidings, then the secret message. So eat your vegetables and read this whole article.

The Green Miles 5k™ is a unique canna-awareness, celebration. We’re not walkin’ , we’re rockin’! Along the course, participants will dance,*medicate, enjoy street performers, games, and giveaways. Our event is a celebration of compassion, equality, and wellness. We’re rockin’ to ratify the laws that say, “It’s ok to medicate!” In addition to music, treats, and memorable moments, this one-of-a-kind event will feature, teach-ins and meducation opportunities.

420 Green Mile poster
We welcome you to enjoy the only CANNABIS EVENT of it’s kind. The GREEN MILES 5K EXPERIENCE promises to be an unforgettable celebration of progress! With DJ’s, Live Entertainment, magician’s, stilt walkers, street performers, surprise guests, premium munchies, ONLY the BEST meds/edibles, speakers, and so much more… This is one party you don’t want to miss!

This event happening at the NOS Center, home of the recent, highly successful High Times Cannabis Cup, will sell out despite the fact that doors are $50. But since this is a patient sponsored event by patients for patients, entry is free EXCEPT on day of show. This strange logic is a way to strain out the stoners, the ‘because I got high’ folks, and the ones who have dropped the ball on getting the job done for legalizing Mother Nature’s blessing for humans and horses. Go here to get your free entry ticket to The Green Miles 5k™.

Thanks for sticking around. So what does POTHOTTIEPALUSA reveal as its secret message? The very reason for this first-of-a-kind event; hence, People Of This Here Operating Territory Tell I Enjoy Pot As Legal, USA.

See YOU there and remember,

420 and keep it sticky

PT Rothschild

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