With the legalization of cannabis in various states including the world’s largest market, California, we at Everything420.com feel it’s time to acquaint those who are new to cannabis or pot with the basics as articles titled ‘How to dose weed’ hit the uneducated masses. Also due to the proliferation of cannabis products and refinements, it is easy to lose track of what to buy and how to use cannabis correctly. After all, cannabis isn’t like alcohol or prescription medicine of any type.


Cannabis and hemp are sister and brother, one is for wellness and the other can provide for everything else beyond that, ie., clothing, shelter, ink, plastic, paper, etc. The two plants also have appropriate genitalia to match their gender, one of the only plants to have such a visual identification. Religiously cannabis and hemp are seed bearing herbs so be sure to check their pedigree in Gen 1:11, 29, 30 and Psalms 104:14 [KJV].

Historically, pot like that at Med Men’s has been found as old as 2700BC and intact enough that the lab people rolled some and smoked it, to no avail. For the cultural track down through various people groups, please see the book, Green Gold The Tree Of Life, Marijuana in Magic and Religion [ISBN 0-9629872-2-0]. For the United States history, Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes [ISBN 1-878125-02-8] is the expose hidden from the people by the Government. To see how pot can affect a life on an individual basis socially, politically, culturally, physically, and esoterically, view Memoirs of Mr. Pete & Mary Jane Green [ISBN 9781478318217].


Over 65 –

If you or someone you are close to falls into this bracket, start with the question, is this social or medical in use?

If social, the environment to set is one of being relaxed with friends or family, in surroundings you feel comfortable in, ie., at your home, in a friend’s backyard, at your grandson’s with a few of his friends, etc. This gathering is called a smoking session or ‘sesh‘. Background music that you are familiar with is a plus. Also bottled water is best for dryness of mouth that occurs.

For something more social if you live in a sophisticated market like LA, the latest is the coffee shop/club boutique experience. These member-only private clubs have various amenities ranging from art exhibits on display to hole-in-the-wall day bar motifs to themed neighborhood hangout spots, but the common theme is that you are among other people also using cannabis socially [and medically], thereby providing the best public setting for a newbie.  Like a bar, you can purchase product on site in most cases. Take the bridge club out for a treat if you’re that person in the group.

What kind of pot to use?

Today you can obtain pot, marijuana, or cannabis in leaf or flower [a sack to Old Schoolers] and as Indica or Sativa. Though touted as being more energetic, my recommendation is the indica because feelings of paranoia can be attached to some sativa strains. Also indica cannot be GMO’d [*].

Since leaf is burned, the choice is a joint or a pipe. Here a pipe will provide the optimal experience provided it is made of glass, not metal. The best way to load the pipe is to break the bud or nug into crumble and remove any stems or sticks. If the pot used is home grown, you may encounter seeds. Save these seeds and do not smoke them.

Expect to cough, and to laugh.

If you are anti-smoking for any reason there are vape pens with distilled cannabis cartridges available. These are also designated by type [indica or sativa] and amount [.5 or 1.0 gram]. Whereas joints and pipes are more a sesh fixture, vape pens tend to be more personal in use.

Since the vape cartridge oil is distilled from the leaf, the cartridges hold the equivalent of an 8th – a quarter sack, so less is more. Expect little or no coughing depending on hit amount and tolerance, also expect a taste difference from that of smoked leaf. Tilting the cartridge to the side will reveal the oil’s viscosity which you want to be thick, not runny.

Medical Use – With cannabis being legal for anyone over 21 in California and still dealing with anyone over 65, those seniors with ailments are now able to try pot to see if all the hype is true. [It is] The medical side is more complicated. The best approach is education first because certain strains treat certain ailments better than other strains. The internet is best to cut through the red tape absent a grandchild or a hip-to-the-dip friend.

Medical use also means access to CBDs or cannabis that doesn’t get you high. This type of cannabis is also available in vape cartridges so you can get relief without the stone. This style of cannabis is only available as an oil if it is to be inhaled. Edibles are completely different in nature and won’t be covered in this article.

Cannabis use can usually replace the majority, if not all, of the prescription meds a person is on for almost any ailment someone may suffer from, though maybe not all at once. Again education and consultation is key here as well as a support group input, if possible.

Under 65 to 50

This group grew up in the era of the pot stigma association, but also with smoking pot being political or rebellious, counter-culture. Many people here probably tried it in college or had friends who did. Also people in this age group probably saw the movie 9-5, starring Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, and Dolly Parton with the pot smoking sesh segment between the 3 women intact. That is an accurate depiction of the interaction between friends smoking a joint and connected to a common theme.

It is important to know that the marijuana ‘stigma’ is a label fanned by the people who now claim to want to change the image. They believed this lie to discourage casual until they themselves were helped by the miracle weed. Again Jack Here’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes is a fine way to dispel those fake notions about the world’s greatest plant and learn the truth.

If using cannabis as a way to spice up your private side of life, pot can be a double-edged sword and can hinge on the sophistication of the pardners involved. Again less is more so keeping it simple, aka a joint or a shared pipe or two is the way to go. Remember, you are after an introduction not a seduction because pot reveals a mental connection between things and people, whereas drinking is more like Irish yoga. Smoking pot can be a little much if one pardner is a control freak because it disassociates being in control. You tend to go where the moment takes you and that can be a new, perhaps unsettling, experience for some. This is reason again for being in familiar surroundings and a comfortable setting. Alcohol deadens but pot makes you aware.

The 49-21 age bracket

Perhaps this is the group that has the most to learn given that you are exposed to the widest assortment of pot items and terms in the present to deal with. Dabs, rigs, bongs, wax, shatter, concentrates, etc., may all be part of your pot scene lexicon and at your disposal. Your level of experience should determine your venture into the legal world open to you now. First times should always be with trusted friends who have some experience and smoking flower is recommended as the way to break in to the pot world. Friends and music. Hard alcohol is never good to mix with pot smoking and only the experienced or surroundings should enter the equation if using beer or wine in conjunction.

For the first time in over a hundred years, cannabis use, both medically and socially, is available to the public. The window is open to determine if pot helps you in some medical way, in some social way, or not at all, through inhaling the smoke or the vapor. Getting to know cannabis is more like becoming familiar with a woman and seeing the nuances from that association upon your life rather than finding out what your limit is.

PT Rothschild

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