The disastrous legacy of the war on marijuana will be addressed at LA City Hall Thursday, Sept 11 at 10 am, Spring Street steps.

In advance of the Grand Opening Launch and Photo Shoot happening on September 28 at 420Nurses HQ, see event link above, this LA press conference is to mark the 100th anniversary of the nation’s first “marihuana” raid in LA’s Mexican Sonoratown neighborhood next to LA City Hall and signify the commencement of legalizing efforts in California for 2016.

The historic raid was the opening shot in the 101 years’ war, commencing the same year as the IRS, the Federal Reserve, and has blemished over 2.7 million Californians arrested for victimless marijuana crimes, with a disproportionately great impact on minorities due to racism inside the policing system. Ferguson is everywhere.

Participants will address the failed marijuana policy that has cost California billions of dollars in arrest, prosecution and prison expenses; fueled an illegal black market and lined the pockets of violent narcotrafficantes; promoted environmentally damaging trespass grows on public and private lands; and blocked access to useful medicine, all while failing to stem drug abuse in the state and depriving it of billions in tax dollars from a legitimate industry.

420 and Susan Sarandon 6-21-13

According to the California Attorney General’s office, Hispanics are the most-arrested ethnic group for felony [producing] marijuana offenses in the state, followed by whites and by blacks, who are incarcerated at a rate of nine times more than whites over small amounts or add-ons. Hispanics were also the target of the state’s first marijuana raids, as reported in the LA Times (Sept 10, 1914), at a time when “marihuana,” the Mexican word for cannabis, was virtually unknown, done purposely Hearst flunkies.

The raids were led by the California State Board of Pharmacy, which had secured passage of a pioneering law prohibiting “Indian hemp” as part of a broader anti-drug campaign. Ironically, only after being made illegal did marijuana become popular, eventually being used by millions of Californians, including an estimated 750,000 patients who use cannabis for medical purposes under Prop. 215.

Participants will be calling for an end to the war on cannabis so that its full potential can be realized as a medicine, an agricultural crop, a legally regulated industry for adult enjoyment, and a source of tax revenues for drug treatment, education, health care and other needed services.

Analysis: This rally isn’t to endorse a particular program. This is a way to meet the players who seek to determine the rules for you and your medicine. Please don’t think you are exempt, if in Cali, under Prop 215/SB420.

Anti-pot people and companies

As you read these words, misguided lawmakers, elected to office, are working to undue or back stab both measures. This rally is to meet the 2016 players, because you can’t tell the program if you don’t know the players involved. I urge everyone reading this NEWS report to rally around, and get a lay of the political topsoil that is about to be fertilized by the best. Ya’ll c’mon down [wink, wink], but seriously, do come if you can make it. Someone is going to make it legal in 2016, and want it to be the right guys. Time to look at the horses in this race.

PT Rothschild

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