In a week that saw both Australia and Canada seek to legalize cannabis and after Bernie Sanders also signed on to ending the Drug War,

comes this update though unconfirmed, about the sellout in Santa Ana.

Almost a year ago or so, there was an initiative supported by the local clinics tired of being bullied and the OC NORML that set forth a fair plan to everyone. The city council along with the local cops wanted as few access points for medical pot as possible, which set outlet clinics to be auctioned off for high bids. There was an impasse.

Finally there was a deal brokered with the Weedmaps founder, an Orange County resident, ASA or NARCS R US, and B-REAL presenting a deal the city council and police could endorse. It upped the number of clinics though nowhere near the original limit and promised BREAL [and his buds] a clinic of his own.

Of course for this deal to work, the pot sellouts had to promote the smoking public to sign off. For those who went to either the one of the recent exposition events, you may have seen the promotional handouts advertising the coming clinic. I remember snagging one and shaking my head, knowing the inside scoop that most of the show attendees didn’t.

That was then. This is now. On a recent survey of a town that shall remain unnamed, after the close-down brought about by police and politicians after the signing of AB 266 and the other ‘laws’ overturning the freedom of Spirit in Prop 215 and SB 420. As I got the down low on the lowdown, the OC NOMRL sellout came up and my mole recounted this tale.

“After the election was over and the city got the ordinance it wanted, BReal found out just how ‘real’ politics is when the powers-that-be told him, ‘you’re not getting a clinic just because you have money.’ And so just like that a person/group wandered outside the circle, lured by money; only to be used politically and cast aside.

Summer Rain, foreground; B-REAL TV sign in background

Summer Rain, foreground; BREAL TV sign in background

If you are part of this culture, you will never be accepted as part of their culture. Like Afroman, the music spokesperson for Weedmaps for a minute, also suffered an abrupt halt in momentum due to Divine Intervention. Man plans and God plans. Where does cannabis come from?

PT Rothschild

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