When it comes to pot smokers and politics, the stripe is broad and varied. In this Everything420 report, we try to let each segment know what’s cracking in their hood. In some cases we have lumped similar voting or non-voting patterns together. Also cannabis legality was not considered since marijuana by its very natural is political.

THE EDUCATED STONER also the youth voter
This type of smoker tends to be the closest to establishment with the exception of cannabis intake. In this category the main four choices for possible President, ranging from 5 being cannabis green to red for ‘steady as she goes for prison profits‘, are: Bernie Sanders 5; Donald Trump 2-3; Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton 1.

For those strictly California voters, be sure and register for the CCHI 2116 Jack Herer Initiative. All other initiatives are either fake political party grabs or half-baked do-gooder attempts to steer the plant away from those who want it for non-party reasons. This is due to a lack of hands-on, experience-based input in most cases.

Some people who smoke marijuana are not political for whatever reason. Within this massive group, there are two in particular to address. Group 1 is totally ‘what will be, will be’. This is a great position only if you are aware of things. This would be things like GMOs, HFCS, fluoride in tap water, etc. Usually this is not the case as some people prefer a simple life, even if and sometimes especially, if smoking weed.

Enjoying life is one thing that pots helps with, whether a quick break from the stress, a relaxing high to think about something pending, or just medicating; whatever it is, marijuana helps. Politics gets in the way. With two out of three expected to survive and the coming darkness being a judgment on the evil (as per books like the Qu’ran and the Bible), depending on where you live, you may get through this period with your pot dry and fresh. Or as Clint Eastwood famously said as Dirty Harry, “Feeling lucky, punk?”

But to me, there is a reader here who is more a belief-based, but non-organized religion, religious person. Many people, smokers or not, fall into this category but cannabis smokers are more in-tune with the universe because of cannabis. The reason for this is cannabis is found in the Bible [see Chris Bennett, HIGH TIMES for reference].

420 and hot times two joints

Because of this, your life is deeper. You contemplate the future of things, the past, and the present day situation including politics. Donald Trump may scare you and so might Hillary Clinton, given her shady past, but you can see that the system is ‘fixed’. This country is the problem with the world. However, since you are belief-based as I am, here is what I see for consideration.

Belief-based means that you give credence to the Bible. Matt 24 pretty much says what is happening now in short-hand, cryptic short-hand. The time coming [eschatology or ‘end times‘] will be brief [‘days shortened‘] or else no fresh would survive. As it is, a third of mankind will be trashed. But here is a caveat. Though cannabis is ancient and in the modern news, it was ‘hidden’ in the Bible under a mistranslated word. It doesn’t matter whether this oversight was intentional or happen-chance, the fact that this did occur means you as a smoker, fall outside of the Bible narrative if the other 7 deadly sins aren’t being committed.

MMJ people tend to have some drama and this doesn’t come from doing ill but more from being ill. Cannabis helps and the reason it does is why you have receptors in your brain. There is a reason why cannabis and cannabis users aren’t mentioned in the Bible though cannabis has been around since before man [Gen 1:11, 29, 30]. I believe the reason is this.

Cannabis has kept you from being caught up in organized religion. What Jesus taught was not being organized but aware. Are you aware that cannabis helps neutralize the radiation which you are being bathed with from Fukushima? Cannabis acts as an expectorant to get the mucus out of your lungs caused from inhaling chem trail crap in the air. Cannabis can provide that tiny voice that keeps you from being a part of tomorrow’s front page.

Cannabis is hidden from the orthodox view because the beings who brought cannabis to this planet are Immortals. As such they are time-travelers, in fact, they are the original time-travelers and where the idea comes from. They knew that one day in the distant future, people would be experimented on. Their offspring would need something to both help them and help keep them safe from harm, for they are the ‘meek of the earth‘ spoken of.

So when you hear the news about Trump or Clinton, you just keep making the sphere of influence around you a better place because there is a different day coming soon. It’s not going to depend on what’s in your wallet but what you’ve been doing with what’s in your heart. In short, normal is an illusion. As proof, the following pictures were taken March 2, 2016 looking south over Temecula, CA. And no, that’s not the moon.

Lower right center

092Upper right corner

093Lower center

PT Rothschild

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