Politics defined broadly means administration and governing all your internal and external affairs, not standing on a corner protesting. Therefore many people answer ‘no’ when you ask are they political through this misconception, including cannabis users as well as health food store employees. They confuse activism, which is standing on the corner with a sign, with the personal politics of giving a shit, in terms of your environment, to make a personal statement.

But like Rocket Raccoon asks Star Lord’s Peter Quill, “why should [we, MMR patients] give a shit?”

Gof G Rocket Racoon 3-4 set shot

First and foremost is compassion, which we know about first-hand through autism and cancer for instance, represented by the 420Nurses, our spokes group.

Second is police brutality and harassment. Now that, according to my street moles, Obama has pulled back the Feds, the local thugs in blue now come by to threaten and harass legal, by city law, taxpayers whose money helps pay their salaries. But as we see day after day, the system has been corrupted by an ‘above the law’ jack boot mentality.

Todays militarized policemen all shaved heads

Third, if you’re like me, maybe you have noticed how many people are already coughing in public places and summer hasn’t come close to ending. If you’re like me, you ingest cannabis on a regular basis also. And if you’re again like me, you aren’t coughing nor are you going in for a flu shot.

In 2016, weed will become legal in California like it was an overdue pregnancy. The question you should be asking yourself is, is it better to have 10 billionaires or 100,000 millionaires? Do you want outsider carpet-bagging or do you want insiders, patients, and consumers reaping what they have sowed over the years, the decades, and with the still incarcerated souls of the unlucky, rotting away in overcrowded conditions all for a victimless crime and a prison industry?

As Prez jokes about smoking pot

As a reader here, your involvement at a minimum is to be registered to vote in 2016 any get a friend to register. As this site gets tied in more directly with the 420Nurses, you can check on relevant ‘events’ when a link occurs in a story. In 3 years, how you will obtain your cannabis is up to whether you want to govern your external affairs to regulate your internal affairs, or whether you’d rather have a stranger, a disinterested party make the choice for you. But that’s not who you are, or you wouldn’t be here reading this column. The day of personal politics is here in California. Stay lifted.


PT Rothschild

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