Once again it’s illustrated commercialism and cannabis DO NOT mix, as more whack legal weed turns up in Denver, hopefully not for patients.

A CNN report published last Wednesday found that at least one over-the-counter product tested positive for illegally high levels of the neurotoxin imidacloprid. CNN commissioned tests by an independent lab, and the report ultimately led to a recall of 2,362 pot products. A similar Denver Post study in September yielded similar findings — some of the cannabis products tested had as much as six times the federally allowed limit on pesticides in consumable products.

Colorado and other states that recently legalized marijuana are just beginning to grapple with the pesticide issue. An absence of federal regulation has left the states struggling to figure out how to pass pesticide legislation, how to enforce it and which agencies should be doing the enforcing.

Even with the reported states’ problems in dealing with the Federal government, local jackboots with badges, and an urging to try to steer their own ship, Mary Jane advances both worldwide, state-wide and culture-wide.

Pot plivaged politicians

The growing push back against impotent government regulation and greed by educated pompous fools continues for good reason with many products now available sporting a disclaimer in the sentiment of patients everywhere: this product produced without government regulatory oversight.

This purposeful phrase means no unnecessary money spent for a useless self-righteous imposed bribe or kick-down to people who are bought and paid for by people who mean patients and people no good.

An exhibition guide holding balloons, during the press day for the artist Banksy's biggest show to date, entitled 'Dismaland', at Tropicana in Western-super-Mare, Somerset.

An exhibition guide holding balloons, outside of Republican HQ

The latest fiasco coming from legal Colorado indicates what you get from those now running and running for government,

with one exception.

Bernie and Willie


PT Rothschild

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