Even as the state government tries to get a handle on handling cannabis through AB266, other forces are meeting all next month in stratagem conferences to set a direction in the budding industry.

In the past, government has been content to just rake a portion off the top like any Chicago gangster or Boston mob. After all, what does the government do but live off peoples’ taxes [their welfare] while regulating personal liberties and private property?

With cannabis however, the government has decided to go all in with plans to tax and use crony capitalism to enrich itself by gorging itself through the miseries of the populace it has helped poison by corruption from Big Ag, Big Pharma, and Big Tobacco. At the bottom of this downward pointed spear are medical marijuana patients.

Hitler had a point to the slaughter of the Jews. They were to advance idiopathic medicine 1000 years by the horrific experiments done to them. This was the reason The Pope blessed him in his explained ‘final solution to the Jewish question.’ For the present government’s plan, be it state or Federal, there is no plan beyond greed, ignorance, arrogance, and privilege.

California, site of the very first pot bust [on brown people, of course] is not rolling over and no less than 3 different gatherings of the mainstream movers & shakers from all over the country are meeting next month around California to network and plan for the 2016 legalization of cannabis, medicinally and recreational.

As we go to press, we at the NEWS have picked our camp to cover in hopes of bringing you, the patient, exactly what is being planned concerning the future of Cali Cannabis, both mainstream and underground, since we reside where both worlds meet.

Look for Cannabis Capers coming late September or early October, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

Meanwhile, keep it sticky and One Love to All.

PT Rothschild

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