A unique product model opportunity has opened for 420nurse models since Playboy nixed showing nudity in its magazine.

This media opening is custom-made for the sensual and unseen natural beauty that comprises the many faces, poses, and attitudes of the 420nurses. The move away from looks only or perfect bodies opens the door for the nuances from the model posing with the product. This is an avenue that is perfect for blending art modeling with the coming cannabis product advertising by using the brand as the ‘look at me’ factor to highlight the use of a product in a classy way that is fresh, not Madison Ave but art house. And different.

420 and Breezy Bluntz BW Latino shot

420 and Highway west realism in B&W

420nurse in candy land cake pop pose with nip and Kush cake pop

Some of you may say, yeah, but I don’t look like that. This new direction illustrates a basic and forward thinking editorial decision based on feminine appreciation of a woman. In short, it’s a new day and Playboy seeks to be first to recognize this. Here are a few examples of advantages a 420nurse has over a non-medical marijuana model. Familiarity of the product.

420 and Highway west expression and artwork pose

420 and nailing it dad shot

420 and buzz certified

Accentuate your positives with your own POV [point of view] by showing the vendor/mgr that you as a 420nurse brand rep know best how to use the tagline brand recognition to infiltrate markets still too sensitive or mainstream for in your face advertising. The 420nurses know how to tap the 18-30 market that is hip, and mainstream, aka Playboy.

420 and pink wide angle shot with Angela A

420nurse in medible candyland, treat on tongue

420 and sweet baked expression

420 and honey pot straw between Summer and Chacha tongues

The 420nurses are ‘outside the box models’ because they are fueled by cannabis and therefore can create or help design a provocative ad that is sexy beyond belief. Also as a 420nurse you bring your own 420nurses posse [fellow nurses] for trusted protection, encouragement, and photographers to record the session. A 420nurse should never be alone, unless its a date with someone who isn’t.

Hempfest 2014 LV Vadar Dabber rig

The NEWS staff will throw a party for the first 420nurse to appear in a Playboy ad featuring a MMJ or related field product ad.

PT Rothschild

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