Pipe shovel : A Dabbing Renaissance

Pipe shovel : A Dabbing Renaissance


The dabbing renaissance has taken off and many inventors and specialists are spending hours perfecting the art and science of cannabis concentrate consumption. With new concepts and creations in glasswork, dabbing materials, and product innovations, the concentrates industry is indeed seeing a major boost in sales, followers, and enthusiasts. There are many different options available, each with its own advantages, appeals, and artistries. However with the plethora of designers who specialize in titanium, glass, quarts, and ceramics, there are only a handful of companies that are choosing to continue hand forged metal as their craft. There are even fewer who are producing such magnificent yet functional pieces as that of the Colorado based company Pipe Shovel LLC.

Their flagship product, the standard poker/pipe tool is a handy cleanup utensil crafted from 4043 aluminum. Although simple in design, it is merely a sample of what they have to offer and a welcome addition to any cannabis kit.



“I basically started the company in 2011. I was TIG welding some aluminum when I came up with the concept of the actual pipe shovel tool. I used a small leftover section of 4043 aluminum welding rod to fashion the first one. It worked out really well and I got a great response from people that tried it, so I started making more. I wanted to create the most affordable poker/pipe tool that I could. After using the first shovel to help me design a machine that could be used to go into production with, Pipe Shovel LLC was launched.”


The concentrates industry has created a number of glass artists who often produce the additional necessary accessories such as the domes and dabbers to match the shape of the pipe setup. However when it comes to the production of metal dabbers the designs and concepts have seen relatively few changes. Many people simply rely on modified dental picks that have been altered to suit the needs of the cannabis industry. Pipe Shovel is one of the few companies that have sought to change this by creating a small line of hand forged medical grade steel dabbers.










Like many skilled crafts metal artistry requires time, patience, and skilled hands. Pipe Shovel LLC has combined these elements and also added a touch of artistic flare to something that has remained rather mundane for a long time.

We spoke with Casey R. from Pipe Shovel to ask what inspired them to pursue this type of magnificent metal work.

“I first got into metal working when I was around 18. My best friend and I were extremely interested in metal fabrication. We split the cost of a cheap welder and decided to just basically teach ourselves. Our love for Jeeps, off-roading, and rock crawling were the inspirations behind it. This obsession soon evolved into a successful off-road fabrication shop that we ran for 5 years. Although I left the off-road industry I’ve continued a career in metal fabrication.”

How long have you been making these custom designs?

“I started making the dabbers in 2012. It began with a few requests from friends then simpy grew from there after playing with the design and getting into the flow of developing my style. I’ve always had a huge connection to my artistic side. I originally thought I wanted to follow in my dad’s footsteps and go into graphic illustration and advertising. I eventually realized that my trip down the fabrication path had diverted me into applying my abilities to metal work.”

Do you have any plans for the near future?

“I look at Pipe Shovel as an evolving and growing company. We will continue our current product line but keep an eye on us for much more. We have new products in the works and we will also be offering a line of apparel too. Stay tuned.”

Is there a way for people to find out more information on Pipe Shovel LLC?

“PipeShovel.com does exist but currently isn’t live. We are in the process of revamping and updating the site to be more user friendly. We do expect it to be back up soon though. The best way to see our products right now is through social media. @PipeShovel on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pintrest. We also sell through Kind Creations in Ft. Collins, The Fitter in Boulder, and other local head shops on the Front Range. We have plans in motion to start branching out further too.

And finally: because of our high regard to quality and visual detail, my brother and I are currently the only dabber makers at Pipe Shovel. Each one is treated like a custom work of art and so we take great care to ensure it meets our strictest standards.”


We’d like to thank Casey from Pipe Shovel LLC for taking the time to chat with us and for presenting their line of fabulous products. We’d also like to thank them for all the hard work they do creating such a beautiful line of custom products. For more information on Pipe Shovel LLC, you can check them out on:














You can also email them at:



All photos provided by:

Pipe Shovel LLC















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