DEACapra Still from YouTube“There are more dispensaries in Denver than there are Starbucks,” marveled Drug Enforcement Administration Chief of Operations James L. Capra, varying a bit from his prepared script (PDF) during a Wednesday Senate hearing about anti-drug efforts in Afghanistan. “Going down the path to legalization in this country is reckless and irresponsible,” he said. “It scares us!”

“This is a bad experiment. It’s a bad, bad experiment,” he insisted. The drug-warrior lifer (he’s been in the DEA since 1987) got emotional, and then apologized for his excitement, proving that whatever the prohibitionist side may lack in sense and respect for liberty, it doesn’t want for sweaty dedication to the cause. Or maybe he just hit way too many of those Starbucks while counting dispensaries. It’s thirsty work.

“You’re going to demand from me…You’re going to demand from DEA: How are you going to stop that?” he said, seemingly on the verge of tears.

Senator Dianne Feinstein voiced sympathy for Capra’s outburst, attributing it to “great law enforcement frustration.” She then called marijuana a “gateway drug” and repeated her longstanding opposition to legalization, though she allowed for some medical use.

[youtube id=”wGJjSKj4Pmw” width=”633″ height=”356″]

Tell us, Jimbo Capra, how’s the CIA/DEA Opium & Cocaine trafficking business doing?  What is it now? After Collin Powell paid the farmers to once again grow drugs after the Taliban burned all the crops for religious reasons calling it “the scourge of humanity”. Crop production is up 3xfold or is it actually x5 or x8 by now, now that our U.S. troops are getting killed protect the drug fields? How you ever seen the villagers and their addicted babies from those poppy farmers? No Red Cross charity shots from are there?

But to the ‘ones in charge’ all Americans are expendable as long as the cause is their cause. He said that legalization has failed everywhere it’s been tried.  Portugal would argue with that, especially as their crime rates and AIDS infection rates plummeted.Real NEWS will expose this false reality by simply showing the visual shots of hoglike creatures such as Boss Capra.

(Story source – J.D. Tuccille)


PT Rothschild

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